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iOS Apps on Playbook

Android apps are already up and running on the BlackBerry Playbook…. Now, at least theoretically, it would be possible to use iOS apps on the Playbook. So says the developer of “Bubble Wrap”, pointing to YouTube videos of the Brine iOS emulator for Windows

Tizen Tablet Running Android Applications Caught on Camera

Tizen conference held a few gems that are slowing coming out of the wood work, this HTML5 focused open source mobile operating system is caught on camera running Android Applications.  If you’re a new player in the mobile space the question of applications is going…

Android Market Place Gets a Bouncer to Keep Out Malware

Google is beefing up security around Android, a new service code named Bouncer will scan of all apps available on the Android Market.  It will also take a look at developer’s accounts to search for malware, spyware, or trojans. Bouncer also looks for other cues…

RIM now Accepting Android Apps for Playbook 2.0

Big news for Blackberry, RIM has put the word out to developers that if they want their Android applications to be available for the BlackBerry Runtime for Android in Playbook… OS 2.0 they need to submit them by Monday, February 6. The Playbook is expecting

Words with Friends Added to NOOK Apps, Twitter and Plants vs. Zombies Coming Soon

Did you get a NOOK Tablet or NOOK Color for Christmas? If so, congrats! Both are very nice e-reader tablets with an added bonus, if you so desire, for rooting/hacking to install other Android apps that aren’t among the official NOOK Apps.
However, if you…

Android App 10-cent App Sale Features Games Today

Got an Android device and 10 cents in your pocket? That’s the right combination to buy one of 10 Android apps for just a dime over the next 10 days. This offer appears to be a special promotion through Google — which is celebrating 10…

How to Sideload Almost Any App on Your B&N Nook Tablet

We all knew that the Barnes & Noble Nook was going to get hacked, we thought a day on the market was just the right amount of time for someone (surprise surprise XDA Forums) to get things working.  Go figure it’s actually not too difficult…

Hulu Plus Adds Support for 9 More Android Devices

If you’re looking for movies and tv shows on the go, you’ll be pleased to hear that Hulu Plus is heading to 9… more Android devices. Hulu Plus has just started rolling out making its debut on tablet hardware with the Vizio 8. There are

A tour of the Android booth – sushi, shakes and slides

We’re going to give you a tour of the Android booth over at MWC. Come for the sushi, Android flavored shakes and slides. Stay for the smartphones and tablets.  A quick tour of some of the apps and games, some old, some new, being shown…