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Google Nexus 7 vs. Amazon Kindle Fire – Video Duel Betwixt $200 Tablets

Google and Amazon both offer their 7-inch tablets for the bargain price of just $200. But now the Kindle Fire… seems a bit outdated and completely outreached by the new Nexus 7 from Google and ASUS. Sascha has dared to compare the Kindle Fire to

Video: Amazon Kindle Fire with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

The developer Hashcode recently found a way to bring Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to the Amazon Kindle Fire…. Normally the Kindle Fire runs a heavily modified Android 2.3, but Android 4.1 works pretty well on the Kindle Fire when installed. So if you have

Will Amazon Carry the Nexus 7 Tablet? Or will it Only Push the Kindle Fire 2?

Google has announced the Nexus 7 tablet and the rumor mill has already started about whether or not Amazon will carry the tablet considering it is in direct competition with its upcoming Kindle Fire… 2.  Apparently the online retail giant is currently debating whether or

New Competition for Google Maps: Amazon Buys UpNext

It looks like everybody wants to compete with Google Maps– first Apple, now Amazon. According to GigaOM Amazon just closed the deal with UpNext and will now be able to offer its customers a mapping solution on the Kindle Fire…. It’s a nice alternative

Nexus 7 vs new iPad vs Microsoft Surface vs Kindle Fire – Video Shoot Out

The Nexus 7 is Google’s entry into the tablet market and out of the gate were impressed with its aggressive $199 price point which put it in direct competition with Amazon’s Kindle Fire…. To help you figure out where it stands we’re going to

Google Nexus 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.0 (7.0) vs Amazon Kindle Fire

If you’re in the market for a new 7 inch tablet, I bet your wondering how the new Google Nexus 7 tablet stacks up. It’s not available yet to review, but you can compare the specs to two popular tablets in the same $199-$250 price…

Amazon Kindle Fire Prices May Fall As New Models Arrive (Rumor)

Not surprisingly Amazon is working on an updated version of the highly successful Kindle Fire…. DigiTimes recently picked up on the slew of rumors from suppliers and has uncovered hints of minimal updates. The 7 inch tablet will have a sharper resolution at 1280

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) vs Amazon Kindle Fire

The Samsung Galaxy Tab… 2 (7.0) reviews hit the web yesterday and in general they were positive, there was however, alot of comparisons made to much more expensive tablets.  Since it has a $249 price point the question is how does it stand up to

iPad Tablet Market Share Drops to 54%, Kindle Fire Up to 14%

Apple’s share of the tablet market slumped from 64 per cent to 57 per cent in the last three months of 2011 according to iSuppli. The reason behind the drop they believe is the Amazon Kindle Fire, which sold 3.9… million devices in

Madden Football 2012 for Android on the Amazon Kindle Fire [video]

if you’re looking for an entertaining game to play on your Kindle Fire…, look no further for the action packed football game Madden Football 2012.  The rosters on this game are exactly those of the NFL teams around the league with over 2500 total

Sling Player Pops Up on Kindle Fire

Sling Player is a favorite because it extend your living room TV experience to your smartphone or tablet. It’s making it say to the Kindle Fire…, the first version available in the AmazonAppstore this month for $29. It’s not going to be perfect on

Kindle Fire Affecting iPad Sales

The Apple iPad has always been top dog in the tablet ecosystem, but the Kindle Fire… has changed all that according to a new report. Morgan Keegan analyst, Tavis McCourt, has revised downwards his projections for sales of the iPad in Apple’s first fiscal quarter

Kindle Fire: Don’t Want Your Kids to Have Access to Your Credit Card?

The Kindle Fire… is going to be a very popular gift this holiday season and many parents will soon realize that in order to download any apps, you have to have a credit card attached to the account. As of yet there are no parent

Conan Pokes Fun at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos [Video]

The Amazon Kindle Fire… is setting up to be the Christmas gift of 2011. There are a few complaints and issues with the $199 tablet and Conan O’Brien has decided to take “Jeff Bezos,” Amazon CEO to task. In typical Conan style it’s hilarious.


How to Set Up a Kindle Fire Before Giving it as a Gift

If you’ve purchased a Kindle Fireas a gift, the nice thing to do will be to set it up before you it gets if official unwrapping. These are just a few idea’s for the basics of what you’ll want to do before you give the…