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Need a Fun Accessory For Your New iPad? iCade On Sale, $50 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

It started out as an April Fools’ Day joke at Thinkgeek years ago, but turned into a real product when Thinkgeek saw so much demand for the iCade, an arcade cabinet-shaped dock for an iPad or iPad 2… that adds real a joystick controller and

Holiday Gift Ideas 2011: Photojojo Macro Cell Lens Band

More and more, people are using the cameras on their phones, some even replacing their point and shoot cameras with a smartphone. A lot of smartphones have great cameras, even with very good macro settings for detailed close-up photos. However, Photojojo has a simple, but…

Motorola ATRIX 4G Lapdock Available from AT&T for $99

If you have a Motorola ATRIX 4G but never got the Lapdock accessory because of its ridiculously-high price, you may want to reconsider purchasing it from AT&T now that they’re offering it for $99.

The Lapdock originally retailed for $399, such a steep price considering…

SofShell Case for iPad 2 Holds On to Porsche Traveling at 60 MPH [video]

Are you the forgetful type who might set your iPad 2… onto the back of your car as you’re getting ready, then drive away without retrieving the tablet? If so, a SofShell case might be something to consider.
SofProducts posted a demo video showing a

Gift Guide 2011: Top iPhone Battery Cases for All Budgets

Have an iPhone… lover on your Christmas list? If they don’t have a battery case they’ll be ecstatic to get one. We’ve put together a list with a few different options with a range of prices.  All the below cases will work for you iPhone

Motorola Announces Android-Powered MOTOACTV Workout Accessory [video]

Along with the Motorola Droid… RAZR, Motorola announced an iPod-nano-esque workout accessory called the MOTOACTV. While it’s not only tied to the DROID RAZR, it does run a modified version of Android, and has an Android mobile app to make pairing with any Android phone

Motorola DROID RAZR Has New Lapdock 500 Pro Accessory

Today, Motorola announced their latest Android flagship phone, the DROID RAZR. And it seems they were so excited about it that they made a ton of accessories to go along with it, chief among them, the Lapdock 500… Pro.

Like previous Lapdock accessories, it uses

Dockboss+ Lets Other Smartphones and Tablets Use Apple Speaker Docks

Have you seen a great speaker dock, only to be disappointed because it’s for the iPhone…, and you have an Android (or other mobile-OS) device? Sure, many of these speaker docks have an aux-in port, but what if this particular dock doesn’t? And what

AluPen and AluCube: The perfect touch for your iPad

We certainly cannot avoid admitting the fact that Apple’s highly innovative iPad has made consumers’
lives quite a lot easier. Be it watching some favorite movies on its wide 9….7-inch touchscreen, capturing
favorite moments with friends, or exploring a world of interesting applications and

The Walnut Valet iPhone dock: To make life less cumbersome

Even those of you who are organized to perfection might have faced the annoyance and discomfort of
losing your precious time in searching for a trivial thing such as your car keys, which you usually put at
a set location. Blame it on the number…

iVisor AG iPhone 4 Protect Film by Moshi Review

Everyone needs a protector for their iPhone… 4 no  matter how awesome the design is!  If you’re looking for a protective film, you should consider the iVisor AG since it was a breeze to install. No squeegee, no wetpad, no fuss. All you have to

Motorola Xoom Case Review: Worst Case Ever Made

If you’ve picked up the Motorola Xoom… we have to warn you against picking up the official Motorola case! Its a poorly designed piece of protective equipment, it doesn’t even fit properly, there is no opening for the charging port so you have to leave

Moshi Teraglove Keeps Your Gadgets Print Free

Sick and tired of finger print covered, food encrusted display’s?   If you’re like me you like a smudge free surface, but often to get it you need to whip out the computer cleaning solvent, which isn’t always at hand.  Moshi has sought to resolve this…

SeaGate Enters Tablet Game with a Mystery Device

SeaGate is releasing the “perfect companion” for your tablet later this month. What that device is, they won’t say, but it is meant to be the first of its kind. They’ve already got a TV Remote app, which in essence allows an iPad, iPhone…

iVisor Matte iPad Protector with a Bubble Free Guarantee

If you’ve ever used your iPad… on the go then you’ve instantly realized that its glossy display is basically a glare display. Here is a very useful product that can fix one of the industries biggest flaws in the mobile computing devices, the glossy display.