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Samsung’s flexible & ‘unbreakable’ AMOLED displays Gets Named ‘Yomu’

Last year Samsung was talking about how their flexible AMOLED display’s were going to hit the streets in 2012, today it looks like we’re one step closer to that actually happening as Samsung has named their flexible ‘unbreakable’ display ‘Yomu’. This branding comes from a …

Samsung Galaxy S III Could Be Announced This Month, Hit Shelves in April

Many were disappointed when Samsung said they would not announce the Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress, instead opting for a separate event. It is now rumored that the separate announcement will happen this month, with phones available for purchase by April.

ZDNet Korea…

Samsung “Galaxy B” Bezel-Free Smartphone Rumored to Arrive in Q3

Android device displays have been getting larger and larger, creating bigger, less pocket-friendly devices. For some this is a deal-breaker, while others aren’t so concerned with overall device size as long as the smartphone works well for their personal needs (i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note).

Acer to Merge Netbook & Ultrabook Category

Acer had an opening ceremony yesterday and commemorate the beginning of the lunar new year and chairman JT Wang they had a few new years resolutions to announce.  This year Acer will no longer be defending its position in the market and warns that they…

Nvidia Keplar GPU Shipping to Ultrabooks

NVIDIA’s latest graphics solutions, Keplar, have started trickling in to OEMs, so we can hopefully see this solution shipping in Ultrabooks and Notebooks in the April-June time period. Nevertheless, the true, large batch of Kepler GPUs will only be sent out at some point around…

Razer “Project Fiona” Gaming Tablet Prototype Hands-On at CES 2012 [video]

Razer teased a gaming device about a week before CES, saying that it would show off “PC gaming in an all-new form factor.” It turns out that they were referring to the “Project Fiona” gaming tablet prototype. We have a pretty cool hands-on video showing…

MSI Wind U180 Cedar Trail Netbook for Pre-Order in Germany

MSI made a name for them selves on the netbook market with the MSI Wind, but since 2008 they haven’t innovated.  The MSI Wind U180… doesn’t seem to be a drastic deviation from the netbooks they’ve been pumping out for the past few years.

Samsung Galaxy Note Has Shipped 1M Units Since Launch Last Month, Coming to US 2012

Samsung has been proudly proclaiming that their Galaxy Note, the 5.3-inch smartphone and mini-tablet mashup has shipped 1 million units since its launch last month.

Of course, keen observers will tell you that number of units shipped doesn’t necessarily indicate how many units have been…

Higher-Res Laptops to Be 2012 Trend?

Care to speculate on computing trends for 2012? We already know that Ultrabooks will likely be trending up next year thanks to the upcoming availability of Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor. Companies like HP and Dell are reported to be releasing their own Ultrabook… models next

Apple iPad 3 With Retina Display Coming Spring 2012?

The rumor mill surrounding the iPad… 3 seems to have shifted into overdrive, with more and more reports claiming that the iPad 3 (or whatever the next generation of the iPad will be called) is due in spring of 2012.
Actually, the timing suggested by

Poll: Which Tablet Are You Looking Forward to the Most in 2012?

There is no doubt that 2011 was the year of the tablet and 2012 will herald the arrival of tablets that, in their 2nd generation, will be better iPad competitors. We had some interesting experiments with tablets like HP’s Touchpad…, Notion Ink and RIM’s

LTE iPhone & iPad 3 Coming to Japan Fall 2012?

According to Japanese blog Macotakara, Apple is planning on releases a 4G LTE iPhone and iPad on NTT DoCoMo in 2012.  The rumor proposes an iPhone 5 launch in the Fall which would be 12 months after the iPhone 4S… launch.  Apparently, NTT DoCoMo’s president,

Quanta to Produce 2nd Generation 7″ Kindle Fire

With reviews of the Kindle Fire… emerging all over the web (we’ve got a round up here if  you’re interested)  its nice to see that Amazon is preparing for its second-generation 7-inch tablet.  Quanta has apparently landed orders and is set to release them in

Acer & Asus: Optimistic About the Success of Ultrabooks

Digitimes is wrong again! Not entirely shocking but when I saw the headline I had to wonder since just yesterday Acer confirmed to its investors that they would be pushing Ultrabooks since they are a higher profit margin item.  Acer is in fact planning on…

Samsung Windows 8 Tablets Arriving in Last Half of 2012

Even though Windows 8 has been previewed a lot at events like Microsoft’s Build conference, the OS is still about a year out from actual release. There have been some significant changes made to the UI and certain features, so it’s still in flux for…