Review: Toshiba NB255 Sub $300 Budget Netbook

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Posted 29 Oct, 2010 4:19 pm

Design & Ergonomics

The 10.1″ netbook comes with the Intel Atom N455 1.66GHz processor, 1024×600 resolution, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, and a 6-cell battery. The NB255 only comes in a glossy Celestial Black finish, but what makes this glossy finish compeletly acceptable is that it has a slightly raised patterned texture that covers the lid as well as the palm rest. Although on the palm rest it is matte and not glossy. This texture keeps your netbooks looking good and finger print free making a glossy finish that I can deal with. The glossy display however is another matter, I found it too glossy and the bezel especially at the top just too thick.

One complaint that I do hear is the battery sticks out, I’ve never found this an issue but some people complain that it ruins the sleek design but this might be a personal preference. If people complained that if the battery is going to stick out it might as well have a function like tilting the netbook slightly forward, I might see where they were coming from. But to complain about the stream line nature of the device just seems a little over the top for my taste.

The Keyboard is where this device really shows its budget colors, the bottom right corner of the keyboard is a mess, with PGUP, PGDN, Shift, and the arrow keys all shoved together inelegantly. There are blank spaces on the keyboard which I feel is a waste of space if there are going to be undersized key’s then unused keyboard real estate has me second guessing your design. The undersized Shift key in the sloppy right hand corner won’t make touch typists happy, but at least it’s in the right place. The top row also suffers from a section of wasted space on the left hand side, which makes no sense since they had to stick the ~` key in the bottom row with a whole series of undersize key’s. Users who often execute keyboard shortcuts may find this as frustrating as we did.

Thankfully, the Touchpad remains the same across all of Toshiba’s netbooks. The smooth finish on the 3.1 x 1.6-inch surface makes it easy to navigate the desktop, and the two dedicated left and right mouse buttons are comfortable and easy to press.

  • Orion9727

    i find there a few flaws in these newer models and that is they are really no different from the N450 in that neither can run flash content.if they were to add a broadcom solution i would think they have a better design.
    my asus 1001p runs win 7 home pre x64 on 1 gig of ram and upscales to a 40′ lcd tv and it boots in under 20 secs with aero.
    i do however have a sandforce 64GB under the hood but i also had a barefoot before minus the firmware that was not  too shaby.
    a ssd on a netbook wont run full speed like it will on a P6100 however there no reason for 60sec boots.
    true most notebooks that pack a late model cpu also have efi and i  seen them boot in the 12′s.
    and i yet to test a sandy bridge.
    i think all netbook markers need to rethink there market and stop shorting netbooks thinking it wont handicap notebook sales.
    most people will choice size and weight and that be that.
    no one wants a 10 inch netbook who used of a 15′ laptop.
    i think there a whole untaped market out there for netbooks but the problem is they want this market to be in united states and europe and the fact is the market really in the devoleping world netbooks with there lower power can replace a power hungry hot desktop and with wireless broadband solutions and they can be upscaled to a lcd tv and make for a desktop like experence.
    they need to make them more duable,able to chop flash and not be choped by it.and withstand mosture and abuse of a large family.
    at 200 USD i see 100 million sales if they can enter the right market.