Samsung Series 5 12.1″ Chromebook Unboxing

Samsung has come out with the Series 5 Chromebook… which is essentially a web based laptop where you don’t keep any of your information on the device itself but in the cloud.  The operating system is from Google and replies heavily of Google’s services for

Sony to market eReaders before tablets by August?

There is no doubt that Sony has been enveloped in the product of eReaders since before many other companies we see today. The deal with Sony is that their eReaders aren’t as popular to the users as we see others like the Nook from Barnes…

HP TouchPad Offers $50 Discount & a Stubbed toe to Early webOS Users

HP said they would try to make things right for users with Palm handsets who aren’t receiving webOS 2 upgrades, and now they are fulfilling that promise-on a minor level.
A $50 discount is being rewarded to those with the early webOS who purchase the…

HP’s Touchpad webOS Tablet released early for in-store demo’s

Many retail stores have now installed a working demo unit of HP’s Touchpad…  7″ webOS tablet around the country. Stores like Walmart and Best Buy are taking a sneak-peak plunge a few days ahead of the scheduled launch day July 1st, for those dying for

Acer AC700 Chromebook gets a lazy release

The Acer AC700 Chromebook has finally been announced to be available on the market this month for a low price of $349.99, which can been found on Amazon. Also including a 3G enabled version later in the summer. Originally it was support to be delivered…

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101 Docking Station Review

When asked if tablets are going to replace Netbooks, my answer has always been, Tablets are for consuming content, Netbooks are for creating it.  However, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101 with its detachable keyboard is changing the game completely.  Tablets are great for watching…

Chromebook vs Netbook – Find Out Who Wins!

The Samsung Chromebook Series 5 went on sale June 15th and there has been great debate over the success of this product largely due to its very high prices point. But what about performance? If you put the Samsung Chromebook up against a netbook how…

Cost of Building a Chromebook is Higher than a Netbook

Just a few days ago on June 15th Samsung started selling their Series 5 Chromebook…. The idea of the Chromebook is that all your information lives online so you don’t have store any programs or data on the device itself. One would think that

Kogan Agora 12″ Chromebook is 1st to Market with a Intel Pentium CPU

The 11.6-inch Kogan Agora has secretly been released in Australia and England has boasts that its the first Chromebook to market, and you can pick it up at the begining of the month for roughly 255€.
So is it the first Chromebook? Well, the answer…

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Available For Pre-Order (Sort of)

If you’re keen to pick up a Chromebook well you’d better flip into hunting mode because the pre-order has only been up a few hours and is already sold out! But have no fear if you’re willing to do a bit of hunting there are…

SanDisk unveils faster new U100 and i100 SSDs for UMPC market

SanDisk has unveiled a pair of new Solid State Drives (SSD) from Computex today aimed at the Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) market. More specifically, the tablet and Intel blessed “Ultrabook…” market. The U100 reaches 450MB/s read speed and 340MB/s write speed using

Nokia N9/N950 Running MeeGo Gets Caught on Video

The FCC tipped us off that the N9… was making its way to US shores and now we’ve got a commercial confirming its intentions. Pocketnow has a teaser of the infamous MeeGo handset, there has been much debate whether or not this is in fact

How to Over Clock Your Samsung Galaxy S II to 1.5GHz

The Samsung Galaxy SII is looking sexier and sexier everyday! Today on forum.xda-developers user coolbho3000 has overclocked his dual core 1.2 GHz phone to 1.504 GHz! Achieving a 1.5GHz is a 25% overclock and makes this fast phone even faster and snappier in day to…

Motorola to offer more laptop docks for smartphones later this year

Motorola’s Atrix 4G smartbook and its laptop dock were hot properties back at the start of the year but the dock didn’t fare as well due to high pricing (dock alone was $500…, or $300 after rebates, not including extra fees required for

Malata teases new 10-inch Tegra 2 smartbook

Chinese manufacturer Malata has pumped out numerous smartbooks over the years, including an 8.9″ Sony Vaio P clone, a larger 10-inch Vaio P clone and the odd random one like the T9000 and now they’re teasing their latest one, the PC-B1002, at an electronics fair…