iPhone 5 Rumors, Aspire One 756, Galaxy S3 Clone & T-shirt Winners

Need to get caught up what’s going with in mobile tech news? We’ve got a round up for you that will go over the iPhone 5 rumors, Acer’s new 11.6 inch offering with the business focused B113 and the Aspire One 756 and of course…

Acer Aspire One 756 11.6″ Notebook with Celeron 877 CPU Unboxing, Comparison & Hands On

The new Acer Aspire One 756 has arrivied in our Taipei office in all of its 11.6 inch glory!  We’re pretty excited to have gotten it so quickly but then again the ACER headquarters is literally around the corner. This new Ultra…-thin notebook comes

Tablet Shipments to Over Take Notebooks in 2016

It was bound to happen, now we’ve got some predictions for when exactly tablets will out ship notebooks.  Currently tablets are going to hit 347 million units shipped in 2012 and sky rocket to over 809 million units by 2017.  So if NPD DisplaySearch is…

13.3″ Macbook Pro with a Retina Display Gets Benchmarked

We expected a smaller version of the Macbook Pro with Retina display to rear its head eventually, we just didn’t think it would be in benchmarks!  A Geekbench 2 benchmark was submitted late last month as a “MacBookPro10,2″ which appears to represent the 13.3 inch…

Acer B113 11.6″ Ultra-Thin Aimed at Business Has Turned Our Head

Acer is coming out swinging with their new line up of Ultra…-thins, the Acer Aspire B113 is a new 11.6-inch notebook for professionals. It is technically the consumer version Acer Aspire V5, so it has a lot in common but has some slightly better

Windows 8: Microsoft Asking $50-$100 for Pre-Installation (Some Including Office)

Microsoft wants to charge a liscence fee of $50 to $100 for pre-installation of Windows 8 on new PCs and tablet PCs, DigiTimes reports, citing sources at Taiwan notebook suppliers. For the normal x86 version of Windows 8, the liscence will be $60-80. Windows 8…

Light Scatters on Full HD Displays of ASUS Zenbooks UX31A & UX32VD – Video

Bad news for prospective customers of ASUS ultrabooks: the full-HD displays on the ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A… and Zenbook UX32VD are scattering light. Apparently, the problem is called “light bleeding” because scattered light from the backlight of the display comes through on the edge of

How ASUS Torments Their Notebooks – A Trip to the Labs [Photos]

ASUS has been upping the game on the quality of their notebooks over the years and that’s thanks to extra attention in the quality assurance labs. ASUS has chunked down 5.6 Million Euros to make sure that the devices that end up in our bags…

Dell XPS 14 & XPS 15 Ultrabooks Released

Dell has just launched two new Ultrabooks the XPS 14 and XPS 15 which offer good battery life, high performance, built-in security in a thin enclosure that kind of reminds us a bit of a Macbook. The two new devices join the XPS 13… which

Lenovo Plans Dual Screen Notebook with Windows 8 to Compete with ASUS Taichi

ASUS introduced the TaiChi… at Computex its first ultrabook that can be used, thanks to a second touchscreen in the lid, as a tablet. With such a wonder, the company received the undivided attention of visitors at Computex. The great interest in the ASUS Taichi

Sony VAIO E 11.6 Inch Notebook with AMD E2-1800 Dual Core From $450

The Japanese manufacturer Sony will launch a new 11.6 inch notebook that at a comparatively low price with a new AMD platform. At prices of around $450, the new Sony Vaio… E 11 can be pre-ordered now in the U.S.. The system is based on

AMD Brazos 2.0 Benchmarked – Looking Good

AMD is Intel on its toes in the low power, low cost notebook game with their Brazos 2.0 platform.  Brad over at Liliputing just got his hands on the HP Pavilion DM1… and ran its 1.7 GHz AMD E2-1800 processor with Radeon HD 7340 graphics

ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A – Ivy Bridge Ultrabook Available on Amazon

The new flagship Ultrabook from ASUS, the Zenbook Prime UX31A… is up for sale on Amazon for $1,149.99 for the i5 edition and $1,349.99 for the i7. It also has a 1080p screen that boasts deeper blacks than even the new MacBook Pro and with

Windows 8 Wants to Revive Netbooks with Ultra-thin Design, Touchscreens & Low Prices

Microsoft and Intel don’t want to give up on the netbook market just yet, despite the trend towards more the powerful notebook and tablet. Instead, according to DigiTimes, the two companies hope that the new Windows 8 can breathe new life into the netbook. The…

Macbook Pro 15″ Retina Display Teardown Finally Completed to Include the Display

When the first teardown of the new Macbook Pro with Retina display appeared it did not include the display because iFixit needed time to figure out how to take it apart.   Finally rounding up the right tools they took a second shot at discovering how…