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ASUS Invited to IFA 2012 – Tablets, Convertibles & Ultrabooks with Windows 8?

ASUS wants their Windows 8 devices to be at the fore front of the competition. At least the TF600 and TF810 and two new Transformer tablets will come with Microsoft’s new touch OS Windows 8…

Intel Announces 40 Touchscreen Win8 Ultrabooks, Pricing Down to $699 & SoC for PC in 2013

The Intel’s Ultrabook… Symposium kicks off tomorrow in Taipei and there the industry players will gather to discuss the latest developments of this new product category.  This is the second annual meeting, which is actually

Dell XPS 13 Goes Open Source – Linux Lands on Ultrabooks

It was only a matter of time before open source made it’s way on to Ultrabooks.  Dell will be the first to release a Linux edition of their Ultrabooks, the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook… will

Dell XPS 14 & XPS 15 Ultrabooks Released

Dell has just launched two new Ultrabooks the XPS 14 and XPS 15 which offer good battery life, high performance, built-in security in a thin enclosure that kind of reminds us a bit of a…

Convertible Tablet Ultrabooks on the Way

Intel has set out specific guidelines for their Ultrabook… line up, the most significant being that they contain an Intel processor. There are others including thickness 18 mm for 13.3″ and smaller displays, 21 mm

Toshiba Announces New Ultrabook Line-Up: Ultrabooks Coming Late June Early July

This is the announcement we’ve been waiting for: Toshiba’s new ultrabook line-up for the Back to School 2012 season. Recently we reported that Toshiba was planning to end the production of new netbooks in the…

RunCore Releases Rocket Air SSD for Ultrabooks and Mid 2011 MacBook Air

As ultrabooks get thinner, memory and data storage get downsized. Manufacturers of SSD’s are taking notice. In a press release, RunCore announced a new SSD,”almost half the size of conventional 2.5 inch SSD’s without the…

Intel Develops New Celeron CPUs for Cheaper Ultrabooks in the Fall

This fall Intel will bring several new processors to the market with the intention of driving the price of ultrabooks down. There are two chips in the Celeron series, that are traditionally in the lower-end.…

News Round Up: Padfone, Proof of a Quad Core Samsung Tablet & New Ultrabooks

This week in mobile computing news we’ve got a few interesting stories, earlier in the week we benchmarked the Padfone, and we uncovered proof of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 quad core tablet.  In…

ASUS Padfone, Ultrabooks Galore, Flipboard & CTIA – News Round Up

Curious what happened this week in tech? We’ve got a news round up for you that’s focused on Moblie computing news, we go touch on the ASUS Padfone which we got some extensive hands on…

Fujitsu Lifebook UH55/H & UH75/H 13.3″ & 14″ Ultrabooks Announced in Japan

In preparation for Computex, manufacturers are presenting rows upon rows of new Ultrabooks. Even before yesterday the Japanese manufacturer was given the official go-ahead from ASUS to launch their new line of Ultrabooks: Lifebook. In…

Weekend News Round Up: iPhone 5, HTC One X Woes, Sony Ultrabooks, & More

Last week was a bit of a news vacuum because of the Samsung Galaxy S3… launch and now that’s over the weekend produced a few stories worth mentioning.  Apple is going after the domain,

HP Prepares 5-7 Ultrabooks for Launch

It looks like HP is feeling good about the performance of the HP Envy 14 Spectre… and is preparing to launch 5 to 7 new Ultrabooks in the 2nd half of 2012. These new Ultrabooks

Acer Announces Aspire Timeline M3 & M5 Ultrabooks

Acer teased us at CES by showing the Aspire Timeline M3 & M5… Ultrabooks on stage but leaving out any details about the devices. The devices are virtually identical apart from one feature, the M3

Mirosoft Kinect Sensor Heading to Ultrabooks [Video]

Microsoft announced a desktop version of kinect a few weeks ago and it seems they’ve got a few more tricks up their sleeve with the motion sensing product heading to netbooks and ultraportables as well.…