Where are the Tegra Tablets? Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang Answers – GTC 2010

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22 Sep, 2010 6:30 am


There’s no doubt that Tegra tablets have peaked the interest of mobile enthusiasts everywhere over the years. But there has been no products on the market yet!! Huang explains why things will progress quickly once the tablet infrastructure rolls out. More importantly he outlines what companies like nvidia have to do to compete with Apple and their infrastructure.

There are supposed to be Tegra 2 tablets popping up by the end of the year, what we take this to mean and what we have heard from other Nvidia peeps is that CES is going to be a big show for Tegra. So end of the year/CES beginning of January.

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  • Burny

    NV will not be an independent company within the next 5 years, ION is a flop, Tegra is a flop. i have no idea how a company can promise so much & deliver so little, it must be their legacy business keeping them alive.

    they are starting to get the stigma attached to them from manufactures as having the “kiss of death” if their is any NV branded product on their hardware.

    they need a new CEO, badly…

  • Anonymous

    yeah ION2 is a flop I thought it’d at least be a lot better than the on-board Intel GMA graphics options but ION2 doesn’t really offer playable graphics on many games. Its hard to call tegra a flop when it is barely out though. I am going to get a notion ink adam then wait for ATI’s netbook/tablet offering I notice they have something similar to the optimus tech already out there but I am hoping they put some good GPUs behind them zacate CPUs.

  • Mirry

    its easy to call Tegra a flop, where is Tegra 1? Tegra 2 is a year old where are the products? they are already announcing Tegra 3 is finished & they are working on Tegra 4.

    WHERE THE HELL are all the devices with Tegra inside?

    look at the Engadget post slamming NV, there is no doubt that they have become irrelevant & have almost no chance at a future because SnapDragon, OMAP, & Hummingbird have all the business.

  • sola

    Product development takes time, especially if the core of the product is so new.

    Tegra2 is practically the first dual core, performance, ARM SOC. And don’t forget that the current Android (2.1, 2.2) is very likely NOT optimized for multi-core ARM SOCs at all (forked Linux kernel with a closed development cycle). Also Android doesn’t support large screens which Tegra2 tablets have (7-10″). Everybody wants to ship with Android but that was simply not ready for this level of hardware.

    So products based on Tegra2 needed a lot of pioneering and hammering-out.

    After the 2010 Christmas-season, you can judge Nvidia, judging it now is a little bit premature.

    If Tegra2 products cannot sell in volume by Christmas, they failed anyway since Intel’s new low-power chips will likely be competitive enough by the second half of 2011. If NV cannot show success stories by then, system builders will simply use Intel hw or turn to old-time ARM players like Texas Instruments (OMAP4) or Samsung (Hummingbird) or possibly Marvel (the new tri-core Armada 628).

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