Elements 2010 Party Video with Will Wheaton

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20 Sep, 2010 9:04 pm


Intel’s AppUp! put on Elements 2010 September 15-16th. It gave us the opportunity to meet and network with fellow mobile developers, learn about the platform, and most importantly have a good time. There will be a ferry ride across the bay, Wil Wheaton will be provided entertainment, the part was so hype it really set the tone that this was an unconference. In case you didn’t know an unconferences are a type of event that don’t have a strict structure – sort of like a wiki.

If you’re wondering what some of the annoucements of the show were there are a few below, if you are just looking for Wil Wheaton and party highlights, keep scrolling.

Appup is ‘gold’ – Out of beta and ready to go. New version is now available. Much faster!

Adobe and Intel Air Applications – Intel AppUp center will support applications based on the Adobe AIR runtime; 100 Adobe Air apps are expected to be available by the end of September

Intel AppUp and Retailers Worldwide – Intel AppUp center support from Asus, Best Buy, UK-based retailer Dixons and India-based retailer Croma

MeeGo TV – Internet TV pioneer Amino Communications demonstrated a MeeGo-based smart TV solution, which supplements traditional digital TV programming with additional content supplied over an Internet connection
The party that Elements put on really was something else and here is a video with a few highlights!
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  • Anonymous

    Today is September 20th and you are announcing an event that will take place September 15th-16th?

  • http://www.netbooknews.com Nicole Scott

    Opp! Wrong tense! I was presenting an event that took place on the 15-16th! Thanks!

  • tobias

    you might want to read the article as well, maybe only a few words of it, instead of only looking at the picture….