Notion Ink Adam Tablet Ahead Of Schedule, November / December Release Possible

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14 Sep, 2010 10:42 pm


We had a whopper of an update in August on Notion Ink’s Adam – a 10-inch Tegra 2 Android tablet – we learnt about the four models with optionally include Pixel Qi and 3G, pricing, some design tweaks, plans for a content store, addition of the Android marketplace among other tidbits and of course a planned release in November or December if they manage to get FCC approval this year.

Notion Ink’s updated their blog today with a bunch of new info tidbits one being that they’re on schedule to hit the FCC, actually, one week early if that makes a difference so their scheduled release date is looking good.

Other interesting info tidbits include the addition of a comics store which will be made public next month in October, a hardware switch to turn the display off on LCD models or switch to the transflective mode on the Pixel Qi display and the possibility of replaceable batteries.

Source: Notion Ink via Liliputing

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