Ramos Miumiu T8-3D PMP Hands On at IFA 2010

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7 Sep, 2010 11:58 pm

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Rockchip is making waves in the tablet world as they are a very popular choice for Chinese tablet manufacturers. While at the Rockchip booth a IFA 2010, Sascha got his hands on the Ramos Miumiu T8-3D PMP with a 4.2-inch display and the Rockchip 2016 700Mhz CPU. As the name implies its 3D, but its no glasses 3D, you can see it in the video, but you need to catch the right angle, so its still not perfect. There is no word on pricing or availability for the handheld with a resistive touch screen. For now you’ll just have to enjoy the video that’s missing the last 10 seconds thanks to Sascha’s video editing skillz. :-P

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Chung Nguyen Tran

    Pls let me know how can we contact to buy and distribute