EeeTop: 20″ Touch Screen with Voice Commands

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26 Aug, 2009 7:16 pm


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  • finchnixer

    Sadly, this was one of the laziest reviews I've seen. :-) I want to see more details on:
    - The touch-screen and general capacity of the machine, does it work better than the smaller 1603?
    - How fast is the gpu?
    - What's the memory configuration?
    - What size HDD does it come with?
    - Why film the webcamera and not mention it at all? Quality of webcam?
    - Optical drive options? Blueray?
    - Ethernet, gigabit or 100mb?
    - Less enthusiasm for a Kensington keylock, more effort on research and testing.

    You have quite a bit of room for improvement in your presentations. Scripting the review, running a few practice-recordings etc will really improve on your product. Now it looks like Fritz from Berlin made a halfhearted video for YouTube. Consider giving the girl with the camera some screentime, as she actually read the voice-command for playing the song. :-) And edit edit edit….and more editing.

  • Sascha Pallenberg

    sadly this is one of the most interestint comments i've seen :)
    do you really need to get educated about the difference between a quick and dirty hands on (we had the device for 15 minutes) and a detailed review?

    i hope not!

  • finchnixer

    Even a quick and dirty hands-on can still be professional and planned, and contain a few tidbits of important information. You are in Asus HQ, you *could* ask for a tech-sheet…
    Consider it customer feedback, no need to get all sensitive and snappy about it.

    Anyways, good luck on your new website and its future. I am awaiting the detailed review of this Eeetop with great anticipation.

  • Per Hoff

    Hi, do you know if the voice-recognition was a standalone application from asus or is it the built-in voice-recognition in Windows 7 and the apps just use the api? The machine looks spiffy and useful if it can be controlled completely by voice.

  • Sascha Pallenberg

    you got all the specs in the video. Intel Atom 330, NVIDIA Ion etc…

    i am not scripting anything in a hands on, cause it wouldn't be a real hands on anymore. It's free speech and these are always my first impressions of a system. You can see more than a hundret videos from us like this.
    It's about showing our first impressions to the viewers of our videos, the same experience you would have when you are walking into any store and seeing a device for the first time.

    I am not getting snappy, i am just telling you what it is.

  • Sascha Pallenberg

    it's a stand alone app by ASUS and theu are not shipping it right now.
    We had the chance to test it for the very first time and that's why we were focusing on this app in this hands on

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  • Name

    Can you tell whether this has multitouch or is it plain old boring one-point touch screen?

  • Sascha Pallenberg

    sorry, it's not a multitouch… that would be cool :)

  • Name

    So, yeah, sounds like it's going to be the Dell Studio then for me…

  • NetbookReviews

    Hey Sascha great video, thanks for the hands on!, great to see the voice applications in use. I'm writing about it now.

    I think the HDMI ports is in fact an HDMI-in, and not HDMI-out. It says it can be connected to games consoles etc, were it can be used as an monitor / TV.


  • sdhottieguy

    Seriously, this review didn't answer or focus on any of the real questions one would have involving the HARDWARE that makes this nettop unique. Showing how the touch screen interfaced with traditional software like Skype, Internet Browsing, Adobe PDF reader, and other such applications that this computer will most likely be tasked with in a Kitchen or bedroom environment. You were jazzed about the music and weather feature, but that was only one small widget and frankly was a waist of time from this viewer's perspective.
    How about answering some OBVIOUS questions:
    -Can you mount this on a wall? (read: does it have the holes for VESA compliant hardware?)
    -The HDMI port is actually an “IN” so you can use it as an LCD monitor for cable boxes or game consoles. It is stamped on the plastic below it.

    My two cents: I found your site from Google, and I won't be back.

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  • Name

    please, can you tell me where to find this application (voice command)? It's not on my new et2002t!????

    best regards

  • janmaarten

    what is the NAME of the voice command programm????

  • janmaarten

    what is the NAME of the voice command programm????

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