BenQ Shows Off nReader R100 – 10.1″ Android Tablet (Update: Heading to CES)

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25 Dec, 2010 11:45 am


Update: PC World has heard that this budget Android tablet from BenQ, spotted in September, will be making another appearance at CES 2011 and perhaps it might officially launch there. Yeah, budget with a resistive touchscreen, plenty of those available already. No word on price. via PC World

During a presentation from BenQ today detailing how they are going to dominate Asia, an interesting Android tablet called the nReader R100 made it on display.

The nReader has a Samsung 667MHz processor, 10.1″ 1024 x 600 display, Android 2.0 currently (will ship with 2.2 though) with a tweaked interface, 4GB memory, SDXC compatible card slot, Wi-Fi, 3G, USB, mini-USB, HDMI (supports up to 720p) with a 12 hour battery that charges to 85% after 2 hours. Weighs 700g with a 14.4mm thickness. Sounds good but wait until you hear that it is loaded with a resistive touch panel (okay some people will like to use a stylus) and doesn’t support multi-touch. It will focus on providing content and will be hooked up to book stores in Taiwan and China.

The tablet will go into mass production in November with an expected release in Q1 next year, first in Taiwan, China, Japan and more countries after that. Price for the Wi-Fi model was quoted to be around 1/8 of the price of the iPad, so perhaps a couple of hundred bucks?

Source: IT Media (Japanese)

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