Free Linux Operating Systems For Netbooks/Tablets/Nettops

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27 Aug, 2010 3:56 am


Netbooks are cheap and portable so they are mostly used as a second computer for mobility. Most of them come with Windows 7 Starter Edition so if you want more functions from you netbook which are not included in your Windows Starter Edition you can get them from many of the great Linux operating systems that are available now.

Following are the list of OS available for free Downloads:

1. Ubuntu Netbook Edition / Ubuntu Netbook Remix
Ubuntu Netbook Remix is optimized for small devices and has the option for quick access to the most used applications. Right out of the box you can get online chat with friends, read ebooks and more. You can download the system from here : Download now!

2. Jolicloud Operating System
Jolicloud is an interested OS and is recommended for any users newto linux. It has the option of installing native appliations on your device and also allows you run cloud applications. So you get the good of both sized using this Operatin System!! There is a nice application section which lets you easily install softwares of your interest. Download Jolicould  Click Here!

3. Chromium OS
Although the Chrome OS has not been released by Google you can download a compiled version of the open sourch ChromiumOS made by hexxeh. The softwares available for this OS would be interested as everything is supposed to be based on a browser. The hexxeh beta version is available and the project is called ChromiamOS Vanilla. Download Chromium OS

4. Kubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04.1
From the name it is pretty much clear that Kubuntu is a derivative for the famous Ubuntu. The version mentioned here is the latest version for now. The system is lite and is a great choice for the CPU power of Netbooks. You will get a good boot time when compared to the other available operating systems. Download :

5.Puppy Linux 5.1
The latest version is based on a project called woof are are assembled using derived bianaries and softwares from Ubuntu, Debin, Slackware, T2 SDE, or Arch repositories. Keeping the technical details apart, this particular OS will boot quickly and works pretty well on Netbooks. Download :

I will cover a few more operating systems on my next post. Until then, post your comments on what type of softwares / drivers you are looking for and we will try to get that for you.

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  • notlofty

    what about MeeGo?
    Thats the OS I’m posting this comment from.

  • ikiteru

    Does different linux os have different affects on the battery life?


    More or less, it depends on how you use the system.

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  • demonicmaniac

    The distribution only effects battery life in what processes are running and which kernel version is used, whether they use a power manager by default and what defaults he uses. It is simply a matter of configuration. Do note that crap such as compiz or kwin compositing on will have an effect on battery life, as well as using an overblown DE versus a slim setup.