Video: FrontFace UI Improves Touch on Windows 7 Tablets

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24 Aug, 2010 12:40 am


German company Mirabyte has created FrontFace which is a custom user interface designed to run on top of Windows. Its goal is to improve the touch capabilities of Windows 7 tablets by providing large touch friendly icons for switching between applications and getting them going. Sascha had a chance to take an early preview under the microscope and make a hands-on video with his ASUS Eee PC T101MT.

FrontFace also includes some of its own apps like a notification center and a feed reader but since this is an early preview version support for actual applications is still in the works.  In the final version we should expect to see music, photos and video viewer which will of course be customized for touch.

This is a great first look at a pretty exciting UI for Windows 7 tablets, we’re pretty excited to see how the finished product deals with Windows 7 apps. If you want to check out Miravyte’s website for updates: For now we have Sascha’s walk through below! Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

In the video Sascha mentions the ExoPc which is by far our favorite Windows 7 UI to date. Here it is below in case you were interested.
YouTube Preview Image

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    The important thing about this application seems to be the options that we get a lot more option than the natives that are available in the market today.

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  • Jgh

    the only way a touch shell like this can succeed is if MS includes it inside Windows natively. then programmers could rewrite their apps with 2 UI’s “mouse & touch” plus they could redo their notification alerts to work into whatever the new scheme is.

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  • Missmf2

    What is the name of the 11″ tablet/pad at the bottom – can’t understand the accent (love it but I couldn’t really understand you -SORRY!) :D ? I want one :D When will they be available? They support flash I am assuming since it is a windows 7 based system right? Also is there a supposed MSRP (price) out yet for this?
    Thanks for the information- I was looking for a date to these reviews also and couldn’t find one s, so hopefully they will still be producing the bottom tablet :D Looks GREAT !

  • Sascha Pallenberg

    hey there and sorry about my weird accent :p
    It’s an Eee PC T101MT and we also did an unboxing video of it:

  • Anonymous

    Community Preview is available now:

  • Missmf2

    Thanks so much for the info much appreciated ;D
    I had tried to look it up based on the info in the article on the front page and I thought the second one the bottom one was a EXOPC slate/ Ciara- Am I wrong about this? I guess I should just follow your link and check it out huh ? :D Thanks for getting back to me so quick !