India’s OlivePad vs the Apple iPad Video Review

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23 Aug, 2010 12:08 am


Indian TV Show TechGuru reviews the India Exclusive OlivePad and compares it to the Apple iPad. I have a few issues with their review, so i’ll go through it below step by step. To give you a quick overview on specs this 7-inch Slate has a 800 x 480 resolution on a capacitive touchscreen along side Bluetooth, WiFi, an SD card slot, 512MB of internal memory (plus 512MB ROM), a 3.5mm audio jack, 3 megapixel camera (front and rear), micro USB socket and a 3,240mAh battery.

First lets look at the processor of the OlivePad, first its based on the 600MHz Qualcomm MSM 7227 chipset and I’m going to let you in on a little secret about Qualcomm chipsets and Android. The chipset division has taken the time to optimize their hardware with the operating system, this is something that other Android tablets don’t bring to the table. I first noticed the exceptional Android performance on the Huawei S7 running on Snapdragon. So compared to other Android devices on the market this is a big plus for the 7″ tablet as Apple has taken the time to run similar customization on their customized ARM CPU. But after saying all of that the 600MHz MSM7227 really isn’t a match for 1GHz A4, but hey at least its customized for Android!

Here is the video review from TechGuru, it is in Hindi but I’ve brushed up and given translation a whirl below the video. You’ll also notice in the review that they don’t really do any hardware testing, so it does leave a lot of questions about the tablets performance.

YouTube Preview Image

Getting into TechGuru’s Review, the iPad won hands down 6- 2, but they made a few mistakes in their comparison!! They even lumped together a few of the OlivePad’s biggest advantages into 1 point rather then breaking it down into 2! So lets get into it and on a basic comparison you’ll see the OlivePad does actually stands pretty tall.

1. Looks (iPad)
The iPad won this comparison and there isn’t much I can argue against it, the iPad has some polished lines, they actually call it classier. Not that the OlivePad is ugly, but it is missing the Apple Charm.

2. Size (OlivePad)
They give it to the iPad, but I would argue that the 7 inch tablet would win this battle, so in my comparison, I’d give this win to the OlivePad. Its lighter frame will make it more ergonomic to hold for longer periods of time, but that’s my preference as the review!

3.TouchScreen (iPad)
My hindi really held me back from getting the full message of why the iPad won this one, but from what I gathered it was the multitouch on the iPad that gave it the victory. Both units sport a capacitive touch screen.

4. Operating System & User Interface (Called it Even)
They called a draw on this category and didn’t declare a winner which I think its a pretty smart move. They are both great operating systems, user friendly and offer equal strengths and weaknesses. Currently the OlivePad is running 2.1, which isn’t the optimized version for tablets, so in the long run I might have handed this win to the OlivePad as it rumored to be upgraded in November to 2.2.

5. Apps (iPad)
Again, this isn’t really fair, Marketplace isn’t really up and running yet on tablets, but it appears that the OlivePad has access to 70 700,000 apps. Its pretty obvious that Apple would have won this race, but Android has even gotten started!

6. Camera (OlivePad)
The OlivePad wins this one is spades! It has a front an rear 3.0MP Camera for video calling & picture taking. This is where the review goes slightly astray for me. They suddenly lump in connectivity with this one when I think camera and connectivity should be addressed separately. I mean if they took the time to have an App category, then we should have a connectivity category.

7. Connectivity (OlivePad)
The OlivePad comes with micro USB socket SD Card slot and a headphone jack. The iPad just comes with a headphone-jack and proprietary connector.

8. Memory (OlivePad)
They called it even since the OlivePad has expandable memory with the SD card slot. I do think that OlivePad should win this one since its cheaper to buy and SD card they pay for the larger integrated memory with the iPad.

So if you were keeping track the OlivePad wins it, but lets remember that their review didn’t include performance testing. So right now with out any video or web browsing tests they could be on par. But as I mentioned earlier, the 600MHz processor won’t compare to the A4. So if we took at guess at Performance, iPad would take it. And if we added in price they are both around $500USD so the better value would certainly be the iPad. So the iPad does take it in the end but not by such an large margin as the guys at TechGuru would have you believe.

It is reviews like these out of India that have my interest peaked, there aren’t many international bloggers or tech writers on site working to bring the news out globally. Seems like a content rich market just begging for some global coverage!! Keep an eye out for more news on India from Netbook News as we are looking to take a road trip to the land of curry and spice in the new year!!

Via YouTube Source OlivePad

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