Enter to Win One of 10 Passes to Intel’s AppUp! Elements Conference

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18 Aug, 2010 5:01 am


Ever wanted to be in the same room as Wil Wheaton? All you have to do is enter to win one of 10 passes to Intel’s AppUp! If you do you’ll be saving your self $795!! Elements is going on September 15-16th at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis. The event is being put on by Intel’s AppUp! which currently is an app store for netbooks but has plans to expand and move on to tablets, in-vehicle entertainment, settop boxes and more. You’ll be learning how to build your app for multiple devices and cross platforms. Learn more about opportunities for application monetization as new device categories and platforms emerge.

If you want to learn more about Intel AppUp! Elements check out their website at http://appupelements.com/

There are three ways to enter to win this by invitation only event:

1. Add us as a Friend on Facebook and Share this post on your profile. www.facebook.com/netbnews
2. Retweet this article (The Retweet button is just under the article title)
3. Leave a comment letting us know why you want to attend.

We’ll let you know who wins in an article we’ll publish on September 8th!! Plus we’ll give contacting the winner’s a whirl!

In case you needed another reason to attend, Sascha and Nicole will be speaking on several panels.

Good luck!! Should be a great show!!

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  • http://twitter.com/Mohamedhp Mohamed Hassan

    It will sure be great..which I could go :D

  • Claribel Alvarez

    I might not have a phone that would apply to majority of the applications you are currently able to use, but I am one of those that uses friend’s phones to play around with those applications. Being reintroduced into this advance world of evolving technology and electronics, by the help of Sascha Pallenberg, I am quickly adapting my current knowledge to this new era’s knowledge about computers, cellphones, tablet pcs, ect. I hope to eventually obtain a cell phone so I can apply a bunch of application that this conference will be providing us. And ofcourse it’d just be awesome to meet Sascha for real and be just a gaping mess because he’s over a foot taller than me. :D

  • Anonymous

    Email me at nicole@netbooknews.com for your registration code!

  • Andy Lee

    I would love to attend the AppUp conference. The lectures sound intriguing.