Samsung P10 iPad Alternative Coming This Year With 11.8 Inch Retina Display?

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15 Aug, 2012 1:12 am


Samsung’s biggest problem is that they just have too many nice tablets on the market. If each tablet attracted a different type of customer, it wouldn’t be such a problem, but as it is, Samsung’s tablets have too much in common. The specs are so similar that consumers are never really carried away by one tablet or the other and thus Samsung doesn’t have a flagship tablet to compete head to head with the iPad. Samsung obviously wants to change that. An 11.8 inch retina display tablet with a brand new Exynos 5 processor might just do the trick.

The high-resolution retina display would have 2560 × 1600 pixels which corresponds to a pixel density of 256 ppi. The Cortex A15 chipset instead of the Cortex A9 should run 1.5 to 2 times faster. The tablet has been christened P10 for now and is due for release this year. The operating system is still unknown although there is a lot of speculation surrounding the choice. So it could just as well be a Windows 8-Device or one with Android Jelly Bean.

If Samsung puts all the right elements together, this tablet could be dangerous competition for Apple. With the Galaxy S3 topping the charts in smartphone sales, it would be a big blow to Apple if Samsung produced a truly competitive tablet.

Sources: SlashGear & TabletCommunity

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  • sola

    Well, this could actually be called an iPad-killer since it would really trumph on each and every feature the iPad has.

    It would definitely leave the iPad3 in the dust raw-computing power-wise with that pair of 32nm A15 cores.

  • Jared Casto

    The Android tablet market definitely needs this. This destroys the iPad in all ways and could show some major competition in the upper range tablet market.

  • Adrian

    I really hope that there’s going to be a stylus included with this. I mean something more than the third party sausages currently available for iPads.

  • Jon Garrett

    Stop misleading your readers. NO non-apple tablet will have a “Retina” display as retina display is just an apple marketing term.

    You falsely give the impression that a Samsung tablet will have a feature “copied” from apple.