Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Now Only $179

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14 Aug, 2012 3:20 am


The bookseller Barnes & Noble has lowered the prices of its tablets given the new situation in the market for 7-inch devices. The introduction of the Nexus 7 generated a storm in the tablet world and could take other budget tablets down easy. To keep sales high in the long term. Barnes & Noble is responding fast with a price cut. The most significant price reduction was carried out on the 16-GB version of the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet, which now costs $199 instead of $249  - much like the Nexus 7 with 8 GB. The light version of the Nook tablets was reduced in price from $199 to only $179, making it cheaper to use than the new Google tablet.

Currently, market observers expect that the company could announce in August, that it will expand its business into other tablet markets. Then the company would probably be content to offer the same prices we see in the U.S. in other countries. It is further expected that it would soon introduce a new generation of Nook tablets and therefore this announcement of price cuts isn’t so drastic.

Source: WSJ

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