Acer CEO Warned Microsoft of Surface Tablet Strategy

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8 Aug, 2012 3:20 am

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It’s no surprise that not everybody’s happy about Microsoft entering the tablet game on its own without another more experienced manufacturer holding their hand. Manufacturers had gotten used to Microsoft leaving the building of actual physical devices to the pros and when Microsoft went solo with the Surface tablet, manufacturers expressed their discontent. Acer CEO JT Wang told the Financial Times that he warned Microsoft against their Surface strategy. “Think twice,” he said. “It is not something you are good at, so please think twice.” Wang also warned that Microsoft’s plans could upset the ecosystem and cause a very negative reaction.

Campbell Kan, Acer’s president of global PC operations also admitted that it was under discussion at Acer how they should react to the Microsoft Surface. Microsoft even said that they were taking the risk of alienating OEM’s, but they pushed ahead anyways. Many manufacturers began to see Microsoft’s push for the Surface tablet as a ploy to get more companies building Windows 8 tablets.

Kan asked the question that many others were surely asking: “If Microsoft … is going to do hardware business, what should we do? Should we still rely on Microsoft, or should we find other alternatives?”

Sources: FinancialTimes & TheVerge


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  • Jordan Hoffman

    Sounds like crybabies crying over more competition.