GameKlip Combines PS3 Controller & Android Smartphone Into Mini Game Console

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3 Aug, 2012 1:52 am


Playing games on a smartphone brings very little pleasure. The control system on a touchscreen is often too vague to be useful or interesting and covers parts of the display. Of course, according to Murphy’s Law the parts of the screen that get covered always seem to be the most important. The controller from the PS3 is indisputably more adequately suited to the task of gaming, but then, who holds the smartphone while your hands are on the controller?  Your knees are unreliable and usually end with the smartphone crashing to the floor.

Now, one solution has arrived from GameKlip. This little accessory to the PS3 controller connects the phone to the controller so that you end up with a mini console. The GameKlip will be offered in different versions suitable for a few smartphone models or series. There are versions of it for Bluetooth connections between the controller and smartphone, as well as ability to connect via USB, where the cables are included. The price is $ 15 for the version without the cables and $23 for the cable included version.

YouTube Preview Image

Source: GameKlip & Phandroid

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