Ice Cream Sandwich Running on Barely 16% of Android Devices, Jelly Bean, A Mere 0.8%

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3 Aug, 2012 12:36 am


A new month means new numbers from Google detailing the distribution of the different versions of Android on devices. The numbers are calculated based on which version of Android the devices that have accessed Google Play in the last 7 to 14 days are running. Of these devices, 15.9 % are now running Android ICS, an improvement from last month when there were still only 10.9% devices running Ice Cream Sandwich. The latest version, Jelly Bean, runs on a mere 0.8% of devices. This is understandable given that its brand new. Gingerbread, which still has the largest share at 60.6% of devices, has lost over 3% in a month. The number of devices with the earlier versions of Eclair (July: 4.7% – August: 4.2%), Froyo (July: 17.3% – August: 15.5%), and  Honeycomb (July 2, 4% – August: 2.3%) have all decreased in prominence.

As for the types of displays preferred by customers, things get a little complicated. Screen sizes are split into the categories of small, normal, large and extra large. Then they are categorized by resolution: low, medium, high and extra- high. Despite a slight decline, the most popular Android display remains “normal” in size with “high” resolution. Big screen devices with “extra high” resolution are at 4.5%. “Low” and “average” resolutions have lost in all screen size categories. Clearly, people demand high resolution these days.

Assuming that these numbers reflect what’s really going on and not just the fact that people with older versions of Android use Google Play less, then it’s clear that things are heading in Ice Cream Sandwich’s direction and the Jelly Bean is off to a good start.

Source: AndroidDevelopers


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