Windows 8 Phone Coming in November – Microsoft Wants to Be on Your Christmas List

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21 Jul, 2012 1:22 am


Microsoft is putting all their resources behind making Windows 8 Phones the next big thing. They’re playing catch up in the very intensely competitive smartphone market. Microsoft already announced that Windows 8 will be officially released around October 26 and will start appearing on devices shortly thereafter. But now, Mary Jo Foley from ZDNet has heard from a reliable source in Spain that Windows 8 Phones will pop onto the market as soon as November. A November release date would ensure that Windows 8 Phones find their way onto Christmas wish lists.

Reportedly, Windows 8 Phones should be ready to go by September in RTM (Ready To Manufacture) status and available to all in November. This information seems to be supported by statements Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop made in an interview with the New York Times. Elop has said that the Windows 8 mobile operating system should be available in October. Whether he means RTM available or publicly available is anybody’s guess. It is possible that Nokia, as Microsoft’s main Windows 8 Phone producer, will get a head start on other manufacturers. Either way, we’ll be seeing the Windows 8 Phone soon.

Sources: ZDNet & TheNewYorkTimes

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  • Marvin McKinley

    I just hope Microsoft gets some crackerjack, enthusiastic sales people out in the carriers stores to help introduce this and get some of the recogition they need. You can go into most carriers places and they won’t even mention a Windows phone and when you ask about one they can’t tell you anything about it. This is Microsofts failure in the sales departement. Let’s see a change there, you have a great phone, let the public know it where the public is, not always at some meeting in an announcement, learn how to market.

  • JM_66

    Even worse, they never have a plugged in and working model for consumers to use! How are you supposed to know if you like it without checking it out?