Jolicloud To Get More Social

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3 Aug, 2010 7:35 pm



As much as I am a fan of Jolicloud, one of the things that annoy me is that the term social is thrown around a lot from the Jolicloud crew, yet there are minimal social features integrated into Jolicloud. There is a rating ability for apps and then there’s a unique Jolicloud network – only good for those using Jolicloud and it lets you know what apps people like, and how many netbooks they have installed Jolicloud on. You cannot chat or send messages, which is the norm with any social service.

I see now and then people wishing for popular social media platforms to be integrated such as Twitter, Facebook and judging from a recent post from Jolicloud founder Tariq KRIM in regards to this wish / complaint we might be seeing this come true down the road.

“Social (or Collaboration) is something we want to push more in the future. We are looking to do smart integration and use of the social graph. Don’t worry, the pace of new features plan is getting busier than ever.”

Speaking of Jolicloud, the latest update has added information to your Jolicloud profile (shows how many Jolicloud netbooks you have) and drives now show remaining free space.

Source: Jolicloud Blog

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