Mysterious Crack in Samsung Galaxy S3 Screen

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20 Jul, 2012 12:09 am


The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a sensational smartphone and it’s on pretty much everyone’s wish list right now. But something strange has happened to Sascha’s S3, which he cannot exactly explain. On his way to the office, mysteriously, a crack appeared in the screen of his Samsung Galaxy S3. You can see for yourself in the video:

YouTube Preview Image

The smartphone was well protected in its bumper case and sleeve and on top of that it was inside his very nicely padded backpack. Neither the phone nor the backpack was dropped, hit, or disturbed in any way.

The only explanation Sascha could come up with was that the screen had a hairline fracture already and was under pressure from the bumper case, causing it to break. Still, it’s very strange and extremely disappointing for a $600 smartphone. None of Samsung’s other phones have experienced this mysterious crack, so it is rather strange.

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  • Huy

    I was able to get a hold of someone from verizon corporate office to hear what i had to say and about everyone that was having this issue. they are going to send me a new one in its place and investigate this issue further. If i were you guys, i’d bring it back to the store and have them look at your phone to see if there is any signs of it being dropped if not, have them note that in the account and add it to the to their internal records. Verizon can let samsung know about their defect. Good luck everyone.

  • Jennifer Castillo

    My daughter’s boyfriend got his S3 four hours ago. A small drop from his hand onto my kitchen table with a tablecloth and placemat created multiple cracks in the screen. Between 12″-18″ (closer to 12″) and this thing looks like someone hit it with a baseball bat! He immediately went to TMobile and told them that he believes there was a defective screen and they wouldn’t listen at all and told him to call his insurance. After some research, I see that this is not an uncommon defect. Thankfully, my Samsung Galaxy is more sturdy than this newer version. I will most definitely be telling my military community about the weak ultra sensative S3 and how TMobile refused to handle this defect and complaint. My family will never do business with TMobile.

  • airnado

    I’ve got the same problem at the same place, it’s very similar, I’m still waiting for the Samsung answer for warranty

  • Jules

    Crazy, i had my blue s3 just two days, laying in bed with phone next to me i picked it up to use it thinking there was a hair on the screen, a crack going right across it, DNA Finland will not repair it, 77e for a glass replacement a “special deal on broken s3 faces” suprise suprise. 589euros out of pocket. Really makes you feel so dissappointed at your phone everytime you use it :(

  • Cherish from Canada

    I’ve had my phone for about a month, last night I plugged it in and went to bed.. it was in perfect, pristine condition.. I woke up this morning and there was a hairline crack hotizontally across the screen.. I am so mad.. I called my service provider and samsung and they both said that I have to send it in for “assessment”, and I have to put a deposit down for 150$ to get a loner phone for the 4-6 weeks that it will be away; if it comes back and they blame me for this crack there will be hell to pay.

  • bo

    tell us what happend

  • Jez

    I’ve had my galaxy s3 for over 2 months and have dropped it many times without any cracks appearing. The back cover just pops off whenever I drop it. Hmmmm maybe I’m just lucky.

  • tazone

    yep mine has done the same 1 month old in a case left on table over night when i went to look at my e mails the next day the right hand side of screen is cracked and falling apart
    its not been dropped and not hit or sat on i have never had a cracked screen before and my last phone was the iphone 4 strange ????

  • Dave

    Add another to the list! My screen has a hairline crack in the bottom right corner. Saw it second day out of the box. My carrier says I’m to blame. After reading all this….. Samsung is going to have a problem with this one

  • Doreen Strickland

    I have my phone exactly 14 days and I found a hairline crack on the screen. I didn’t drop it, nor am I rough with a cell phone. When I am at work, I have a work cell phone so my galaxy phone sits on my desk. I’m 57 yrs old and have never cracked a screen and T-mobile is telling me it’s my fault. Yes, I have insurance, but why should I have to pay that deductible when I didn’t break it. I’m afraid to even use the phone, worried it might break in half or something. I don’t know how I’d be able to have this phone for 2 yrs. I’d rather they just take the phone back.

  • Vid Vrbanović

    Bumper case is too tight for it. Use the silicon one for best protection. Or samsung flip case which is phenomenal.

  • Disappointed Asian

    I just noticed a very thin hairline crack on my SIII too. I had iphone for 3 whole years.. no issues, then just 1 month into having the Samsung, I have a crack. It is in it’s flip cover, never dropped, babied. I cannot explain it. Definitely a defect from Samsung. Perhaps changes in temperature since it’s winter. I would like Samsung to take care of this, since in reality, it seems to be a common and recurring defect, and an error on their part. Perhaps the tensile strength of the glass is wrong for the size of the phone in different temperatures suitable for human habitation. Whatever it is, I’m REALLY disappointed with this. I’m upset and frustrated. I should never have switched from iphone. Tsk tsk.. shame on Samsung to produce such a poor device. They should do a mass recall, let alone fix it free for pple with the issue. I had it in my winter jacket pocket.. no pressure was on it.

  • R from Finland

    Whoah! I put my phone to table today at school. There was tiny tiny tiny rock on the table and my screen cracked on home button to right side. Poor build.. I will get new S3 for sure.. I don’t care what they say I will get it. And phone is almost week old.. WTF! Seriously!! Sorry my bad english!

  • Mary Sullivan

    Two and a half weeks after purchasing my blue S III, my phone started disintegrating. I went to bed and it was fine. When I got up I noticed a cloudy area in the corner, Throughout the day three cracks started spreading – one 3 inches long. I didn’t drop my phone or drop anything on it and I have no kids or animals at home. Samsung wants $135 to repair it. They said it is DAMAGED and that it is not covered by the warranty. Samsung should have used better glass and that is a design flaw.

  • Goran Jordanov

    I guess Im part of the club too now. I just took it out of my front pocket and the glass was broken!. With no impact or pressure or anything. My front pockets are very loose. I contacted Samsung they said its broken because of “improper handling” and they will not fix it. If the front glass is a Gorilla glass, I am King Kong!

  • SDS

    My S3 screen cracked today. The phone was laying on bed and when went to get screen looks shattered. Phone has not been dropped and has cover with screen protector. Phoned Samsung speaking with one rep and stated they provide shipping label and technician would decide if crack was from me or manufactor defect. Transferred to warranty specialist who informed me that I would have to provide credit card number and a hold placed on card for 177.53. I explained first representative did not stated that to me. I asked for supervisor and she stated the same thing first representative stated. Although I offered to pay for shipping myself. She stated that 1st representative was a level one and could not provide information about charge to me. I eventually spoke with her supervisor and he did provide shipping label after a ling converstaion. However he also informed me there is no way to tell if phone is a manufactor default or damaged. He also stated that Samsung does not have defective phones. Conclusion I will not send my phone to Samsung I do not trust they will honestly evaluate my phone.

  • Ded

    Mine broke in my pocket too after 6 days. Blue model, Crack spread from the top right of the home button. No drop at all, it was only in there 15mins before i noticed it was broken. Only thing I did during this time was get in and out of my car. All I can think is that I may have bumped my leg off the steering wheel when getting in but nothing that should have caused the screen to crack. Of course the phone shop refused to help and tried to charge €150 for repair.

  • Chuhbaca

    Add another to the list. I arrived at work one day and pick my phone up from the center tray only to find a crack that spanned the entire horizontal width of the phone, horizontally. This morning another crack? Picked it up from the nightstand when I got up and a similar crack is at about the top 3rd of the phone! Not dropped!

  • LP

    My daughter has had her Samsung S3 for 3 weeks. She sat it down, was gone for two minutes and returned to a screen with a hairline crack. Talked with Samsung and they were not helpful at all. The charge was going to be $135.00 to repair.
    We are going to try and take it back to the Verizon Provider, but I doubt that we will get much help.

  • Nadine Forlizzi

    The SAME exact thing happened to me. I had my phone next to me on the bed. (Nice soft bed). I was on my samsung galaxy note 10.1 and all of a sudden I heard a small pop.. I looked down at . Phone.. and the screen had a crack exact to yours except in the other corner… This phone is ALWAYS in a case and in a holster.. I have no idea how this happened.. Glad to see I’m not the only one..

  • SueConfused

    I have had my Samsung 2 weeks. Phone has never been dropped. I was talking on the phone for 10 minutes phone felt very hot after called ended. After the phone call I put the phone down on the kitchen bench, walked away for about 10 minutes came back and found glass shattered. Small pieces of splinter glass lay over the screen. It looked like it popped. I couldn’t believe it. I rang Samsung to explain and they said to take it back to the Telstra store where I bought it. Telstra said that there is no way that it broke on it’s own and wanted $280 to fix it. I rang Samsung back and told them i will not accept this as the phone has an issue. They said to send it back to them for evaluation. It’s on its way, I will wait and see what the response is. I am not going to back down on this claim, as this glass is definately faulty somehow. Imagine if it broke in my ear while I was actually talking. Consumers need to know this is a serious issue and Samsung need to recall the item immediately. Why should we have to pay the price of this error from Samsung. From what I am reading I am not the only one this has happened to. I am not happy with being accused of lying, this actually happened. ACC here I come.

  • SueConfused

    Exactly this happened to me too. I am waiting to find out what Samsung will do. In the meantime I am without a phone. I posted comment above

  • Mysti

    I dropped mine from 12 inches and my screen shattered 2 days after buying this phone and there are glass slivers coming out from where it shattered!!! Samsung will not cover mine either on the warranty even though they claim that it is guaranteed a 5 foot drop on concrete this is what the phone rep told me when i purchased my G 3s!!! Now to get my phone fixed it is going to cost me $200.00 I feel this is unfair and we were lied to that with so many having problems they should include this in the warranty or maybe we should start a class action law suit…

  • Crstl

    Same issue here. My phone was fine one minute, and 20 minutes later it looked like it had been run over. Entire screen cracked to pieces. Samsung claims they have never heard of this and will only offer to inspect my phone which will take 7-10 days. My phone is less than 6 months old and in a balistics case.

  • RoboBonobo

    Insurance fraud.

  • Patrick Callahan

    Wow! Looks like we are all in the same boat… Looked down today and there was a purple hue to my lcd in the corner and my touch wouldn’t respond. Looking closer there was a spider web of cracks under the main glass. No drops no nothing. Before this had the Atrix and dropped that going 70+ mph on to the rumble strip. No cracks. Used the same protection (otterbox). Samsung has officially lost a customer and may be facing legal actions (wife’s about to be a paralegal). Extremely unhappy phone is only 6 months old.

  • dea mon

    I have had my S3 for like 6 months now, no cases, and everything about the phone is perfect…Hmm. Looks like this guy has too many cases on his phone, which put too much stress on the screen. I just picked up the S4 this weekend.

  • RyanD

    Definantly a defect because almost everyone I see with a s3 or read about, always has a cracked screen! Its a good device and all but in reality lasting a person 3 years is highly unlikely. I dropped it from sitting position and bam! Nice crack along the edge. Even one day I notice a very small crack adjacent to the ear peice when I recall putting no pressure or anything on the device. Samsung won’t do anything for ya, you gotta do it for you, next phone you plan to buy make sure its not a samsung ! Htc one is pure metal…… when for the same price get a plastic s4 yyaayyy

  • vlr

    i would love to know what you found out. same thing has happened to my daughter. no drops. plugged it in and wha la===. bottom was shattered when she picked it up. sorry to everyone that this has happened to, but im glad im not the only one.