ASUS Germany Clears Up Transformer Jelly Bean Update Misinformation – TF101 Still in the Mix

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17 Jul, 2012 7:00 pm

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There have been mixed reports whether or not the original ASUS Transformer, the TF101 would not be getting Jelly Bean.  This rumor got started because ASUS Netherlands confirmed that the TF201/TF300/TF700 would be getting Jelly Bean.  When the SL101 and the TF101 were left off the list everyone assumed that they were not getting the lastest update.

ASUS Germany took the time to clear the air on their Facebook Page with the following statement:

We need to deny this clear. Colleagues from the Netherlands have made no statement about TF101/SL101, but merely confirms that a Jelly Bean TF201/TF300/TF700 update be received. The implication that TF101 / JB Update SL101 not be obtained is false and pure speculation. According to current knowledge, and users of older TF101/SL101 enjoy an Android 4.1 update will come.

So if you’ve got one of these two devices, you’re in luck!

Source ASUS Germany Facebook Via


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