RIM Roadmap for 2013 Pops Up Online

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4 Jul, 2012 2:22 am


Now we have an idea of where RIM is going in 2013 thanks to a leaked production plan. This time it seems like a real roadmap, so hopefully they won’t be running around like chickens with their heads chopped off and they’ll follow the plan this time.. Foolishly we’re still hoping that the new OS Blackberry 10 will make its grand entrance in the first quarter of next year. Then we’ll see some people walking around whistling merrily about a holly jolly Christmas.

Most of the devices will appear sometime next year according to the plan. The sole exception seems to be the 4G Blackberry Playbook, which is expected to achieve top sale results. New smartphones, code-named London and Nevada are slated for next year. The London smartphone will be a touch-only device, while the Nevada will keep the customary  keyboard.

In the third quarter, the next tablet will come up to bat. The tablet’s code name, Blackforest, comes courtesy of the German CEO :) . Two more tablets, the Naples and Nashville, we don’t now too much about as of yet. in the meantime, Playbook users can get excited about the new Blackberry 10 update. The question, however, of Blackberry’s relevance remains the same: Is it too little, too late?

Sources: TheVerge

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