Deal of the Day: Acer Aspire One 756 11.6″ Netbook

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3 Jul, 2012 7:30 pm


The Acer Aspire One 756 is an 11.6 inch Netbook and it’s is available from Amazon for a solid price point of $349. Under the hood it’s left the Atom processor behind and it now sporting a Intel Celeron Processor 877 1.4 GHz with a 2MB Cache and 4 GB SDRAM with the option of up to 8GB.

The display has a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels and is controlled by the CPU’s native graphics solution. It comes with up to four gigabytes of RAM(with up to 8 GB of installable RAM available) and hard drives with 320 or 500 GB of capacity. The netbook also offers Wi-Fi, a 2-in-1 card reader, a 720p webcam, Ethernet connection and optional Bluetooth 4.0. There are also at least two USB 2.0 ports, one VGA and one HDMI output.

It’s a solid machine for the price since the Celeron processor packs alot more processing power than it’s Atom cousins.

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  • Anonymous

    Not a good deal and overpriced. 4 Cell 2500 mAh battery is a joke. The older Timeline X Series 1830T had a 6-cell battery. The only pro on this new model is the new camera and the Chiclet/Island style keyboard.

  • Dan Brown

    Poor battery and poor processor… stick with the Asus 1025, although it’s sold out everywhere.

  • CyberGusa

    4 cell battery is low for this range laptop but you can’t compare it to the 1830T as that was model with a much higher price.

    The $350 price range is still primarily for systems running ATOMs and AMD Fusion/Brazos 1+2. Just look at the HP DM1 for example, which usually starts at the $400 mark.

    While this model is using the newer Celeron and Pentium processors that are Sandy Bridge based with HD GMA.

  • CyberGusa

    Poor battery, yes, but the processor is much better than any ATOM.

    While I wouldn’t recommend the Asus 1025 series. Asus didn’t do that great a job with that Eee PC model and Intel has yet to release better drivers for the Cedar Trail GMA. Linux users especially should avoid the Cedar Trail models because of the lack of proper GMA drivers.

    Along with issues like Asus no longer wants users to even upgrade their own RAM anymore on these netbooks. The 1025C has been pretty minimized… Mono Speakers, Combo audio port, no Bluetooth, etc.

  • Get a clue

    Yeah, you’re simply wrong and ill informed. The timeline series cost $1,000. This is $300. It has the specs of what was considered an ultra portable notebook only a couple of years ago. The new dual core celeron processor, 64 bit Windows HP and 4 GB of RAM are huge steps up from netbooks of yore.