Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Smart T.V. Vision for the Future – Video – (Uplinq)

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29 Jun, 2012 9:45 am


Qualcomm showed a promo video of their dream for the future of Smart T.V.’s powered by Snapdragon S4 processors. The dream smart T.V. would be gesture controlled, feature seamless HD playback from smartphones and tablets and have facial recognition technology. Qualcomm is hoping to interest developers in their ideas and the segments of software they’ve produced for the project so that Snapdragon S4 powered Smart T.V.’s appear in full force in the market. With trends in T.V. heading rapidly towards Smart T.V. technology, it’s a good step for Qualcomm.

YouTube Preview Image

The way television works in essence hasn’t changed much, but interactive Smart T.V.’s are altering the modus operandi of the T.V. As we become the ultimate multi-taskers, the way we watch T.V. will have to become more interactive. How many people tweet or facebook about their favorite shows while they’re watching them? Quite a few I should imagine. ;)

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