Uplinq 2012: Qualcomm Keynote Round-Up

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28 Jun, 2012 10:59 am


Today at Uplinq, Qualcomm set out to woo developers with their Snapdragon S4 processors, improved gaming graphics for smartphones and tablets and Vuforia augmented reality applications. Qualcomm demonstrated the capabilities the S4 dual core processor in comparison with the latest quad core processors.In addition to doing very well on several benchmarks, the S4 stays cool and (literally) doesn’t melt butter as fast as its competitors.

Qualcomm also demonstrated it’s progress in augmented reality with a cloud image database with over 1 million images. The images will be used in smart shopping- so to speak. The prototype version works with American Apparel and the Vuforia booth did a pretty cool demo of the technology.

Qualcomm seems to be focusing in cross platform development. AllJoyn technology was also demoed today at Uplinq showing how data and applications can be used across platforms and devices. Qualcomm also demonstrated improved gaming graphics for tablets and smartphones.

All in all, there were some interesting new, or simply improved, ideas on the showfloor today. Be sure to check out our videos and the corresponding articles.

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