Google Glasses Skydiving Demo Official Keynote Video

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28 Jun, 2012 3:12 am


Wow. Google pulled off a wicked demo showing off Google Glass, a Google+ hangout was conducted via their connected eyewear and they did it while jumping out of a plane. Four skydivers all equipped with Google Glass plummeted toward the ground showing off the amazing view with video quality that wasn’t actually too bad considering how fast they were going.

After that a small crew of bikers did a few flips, it quickly became obvious that the current iteration of Glass hardware obviously has a camera and microphone capable of recording video and audio, and it also sports a Touchpad for navigation along its right side.

The Glass concept is meant to be close to your senses, not block them,” which is why they have now mounted the display slightly above users’ eyes instead of directly in front of them. They also focused on making the device both physically and visually light, so as not to impact either a user’s comfort or their sense of style.

The demo showed exactly what type of confidence Google has, if I had to describe it, and pardon my french, but I would have to say they’ve got balls of steel. Check it out for your self.

YouTube Preview Image

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