ASUS Nexus 7 Tablet Photos Appear on Picasa

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19 Jun, 2012 12:42 am

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Perhaps the only thing better than leaked information, is leaked pictures. And today we have two questionable photographs of what appears to be a ceiling, supposedly taken by the ASUS Nexus 7 tablet. The photos were posted on Picasa and attached to Somit Bh’s Google+ page. The mystery man seems to have a lot of friends at Google.

The meta data of the camera suggests that the Nexus 7 took the pictures of the ceiling (seen below) and the images are geo-located in “Google Building 44″. The resolution of the pictures supposedly taken by the Nexus 7 is 1280 x 960, but they could have been downsized for the post.

The Google Nexus smartphone came to us first through leaked information, so these photos could be the real deal. Speculation still abounds regarding the display and version of Android. Some say the tablet will be 7 inches and will come with Jelly Bean. We can’t be sure until the device surfaces, hopefully it will at Google I/O later this month.

Sources: PocketLint


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