Watch Out Intel: Apple Comes Bearing New Ultrabook Patents

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9 Jun, 2012 12:42 am


Come on, you’re not serious right? We’re all tired of the patent debates circling around smartphones and tablets like vultures. A non-Apple device can’t come to market without fear of a patent struggle? This is crazy. Even the Galaxy S3 is in a battle trying to get clearance to launch in the U.S. Last Tuesday Apple secured yet another patent- this time for the MacBook Air Ultrabook design.

And I’m sure you can see from the pictures where this is heading: to one giant patent battle after another. As we’ve seen in other patent battles, it’s not about how the device should look, but rather, the parts of the design that should not correspond to the same design elements in the patented device.

In this case Apple is concentrating on the wedge shape characteristic to the MacBook Air. Of course, we see this design in many other ultrabooks which are already on the market. I can understand patents for technology specifically developed by Apple that is innovative and specialized, but to get a patent for elemental structural designs that are so abstractly defined is a bit too much. In the spirit of competition, it makes sense to desist from abstract patent arguments and let the customer decide. If the MacBook Air is strong enough to stand its ground in the ultrabook market, it will with or without the patent protection. Some fear that Apple will use this new patent very aggressively. We’ll know soon how this will shape up.

Source: The Verge

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  • Guest008

    The only problem for Apple to enforce that patent is that… the patent isn’t valid.
    The ultrathin Sony X505 came out in 2004. Before the Mac Air, then.

  • Pdoggehg

    @apple: you mad, bro?

  • Benjamin Collins

    The patent (in question) mostly refers to a wedge design. So I’m assuming Ultrabooks with the same thickness at both the front and back like the Lavie Z or the Vaio T are in the clear?

  • Alvaro C.L.

    I hope that SONY present a demand  to that rotting Apple T.T, with that, SONY might have a recovery for what lost in the past times :D

  • Guest008

    It would be funny, if it wasn’t real.
    Unfortunately, it is.

    They could try to enforce it (in the US, because I don’t think a court in any another country would take their claim seriously) and create Havock in the laptop world.
    Even if they lose, they could obtain a temporary ban – as they’re trying to do with  the SIII and succeeded in doing with the HTC OneX)
    Or they could ask for royalties, an Apple tax on any and every OEM manufacturing thinner laptop in the front than in the back.

    I also read that there was pretty much no other way for designing a laptop as thin as possible. So, it would be Apple emulating Monsanto by patenting basic physics (the living for Monsanto).

    But the ones to really blame are the guys at the patent office. These guys are paid good money to evaluate patent claims… It’s scary.

  • Bob

    you know all those sci-fi movies where the world is run by one mega corporation…

    Apple already has huge cash reserves and a cult like following, with its anti competitive behaviour, this is a bit scary.