ASUS Google Nexus Tablet Pictures Emerge

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8 Jun, 2012 1:30 am


Emerging from the ether come images of the ASUS Google Nexus tablet. Are they real? Why is there what looks like an earpiece on the top? Will it run on Jelly Bean? We just don’t know for sure, but let’s speculate.

If that is an earpiece, perhaps the ASUS Google Nexus Tablet will behave like the Samsung Galaxy Note, what some call a “phablet”. PhoneArena’s sources continue to say it will have a 7 inch display and Tegra 3. The debate over what version of Android the Nexus will run is ongoing. It could be the mythical Jelly Bean or it could just be an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. Google certainly isn’t letting anything slip. In the meantime, check out the pictures and hope that we find out soon.

Sources: PocketLint & PhoneArena


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