New iPhone Casing Rumor: Video Comparison with Predecessor

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8 Jun, 2012 1:16 am


The new iPhone and all its accessories remains cloaked in mystery. Minor leaks, rumors and suppositions are floating around the web. The latest, is a video of what will supposedly be the new iPhone casing. Taller, thinner and with a metal back, the new casing looks as sleek as ever. ETradeSupply leaked a hands on video of the casing and a few photos.

YouTube Preview Image

From the video, it looks like the headphone socket has been relocated, the casing has two different surface textures and a much smaller dock connector. We’ll only really know when we see the new iPhone, but until then, we can dream and wonder about every rumor that comes our way.

Sources: Endgadget & 9to5Mac

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