AMD A Series vs. Intel Ivy Bridge *Video* (Computex)

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7 Jun, 2012 10:36 pm


To demonstrate the superiority of the new APU over the competition from Intel, AMD showed a direct comparison of gaming performance against the current Ivy Bridge Core I7. The performance on the AMD system is significantly better than the Intel system: more graphic detail, smoother animations, a stable frame rate. Of course, we have to maintain a healthy amount of skepticism about the results until there is  independent testing. But what’s most clearly shown in the video: Having a superior APU on your side doesn’t improve your abilities as a player. ;)

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  • digi_owl

    While interesting, i wonder how many will pair up the i7 with a Nvidia GPU.

  • CyberGusa

    Considering they tend to pile on the premium features with premium configuration options like i7′s that it’ll probably be quite a lot of them.

    It’s just the lower end that tends to be limited with just embedded/integrated graphics offerings.

    While Trinity itself is more a mid range offering, like Intel’s i5′s and i3′s.

  • colinap

     I guess the point is that if Intel’s highest rated CPU is behind in performance, then anyone at the cheaper end of the market, looking to buy an i3 or i5, and hoping to be able to do some basic gaming with the integrated graphics should probably consider an A-Series instead.

    If an i7 is behind the A10, then anything less than an i7 is going to be worse. Especially, as this is on the desktop, where i5s and i3s come with HD2500 instead of HD4000.

  • Me

     Intel Core i5 3570K has HD4000 apparently.