Mouse Computer LuvBook Ultrabook *Hands On Video*

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6 Jun, 2012 10:22 pm


Sascha and James have made a funny discovery on the show floor at Computex. Do you remember at the Gigabyte X11 Ultrabook? Yeah, of course! It was presented only a week ago and dubbed the thinnest and lightest ultrabook in the world. With a weight of 975 grams and a width of just 3 mm at the thinnest point, the Gigabyte X11 is a real lightweight. Now Sascha has stumbled upon the Mouse LuvBook, which is an exact replica of this device.

The specs we can give you without a problem, because it is basically exactly the same as the X11: here too there is a 11.6-inch display and an Ivy Bridge CPU with 4 GB of RAM. Exciting would be the question of whether there will be a difference in price when compared to the X11, which was pinned with $999 price tag. Here is Sascha’s Quick Test:

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Guest008

    That’s because there’re both, in fact, Inhon computers/designs.
    Gigabyte made a big show of ‘their’ lightest laptop of the world.
    Now, they just look ridiculous as it wasn’t even theirs.

    I know it’s usual practice for OEMs to just use the design of another company (the Fire and the playbook are an exemple) or a chip manufacturer, but at least have the decency to don’t advertize so outrageously as if it was your own… Above all when you’re not the only one on the market using it.

  • Guest008

    Ok, just saw the video from Sacha where it mentions Inhon as being the company who created the original design..