Android Heading to 30M ASUS PCs – Touchscreen Laptops on the Way? *Update*

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4 Jun, 2012 8:54 am


Looks like some news has gotten out a little early about what we’re going to hear at the ASUS press conference this afternoon.  According to GigaOm, ASUS will be shipping Bluestack on 30 million of their PCs, Bluestacks is an app player that brings Android mobile apps to Windows PCs.

ASUS is no stranger to adding App Stores to their products, they’ve currently got ASUS Vibe on all their devices and they had a partnership with Intel’s App Up. This move is a natural step for ASUS who is pioneering the hybrid space with the Padfone and the Transformer line up of products. Converging mobile and desktop apps is a natural progression for a company that is attempting to merge that same space with their hardware.

Where we will see Android Apps really shine is on laptops with touchscreens.  Android apps are specifically made with touch interfaces, using them with a mouse isn’t really  ideal. ASUS will be pre installing Bluestack across their Eee PC and Zenbook line up, the press event is in a few hours we’re curious to find out if we’ll be seeing more then just a new transformer.


A small addition to the story: The deal gives you the desired apps on your ASUS device free for 6 months. After that point, you’ll have to fork over 6 months of hard cash. But from what our friend Caschy with Stadt-Bremerhaven reported, for the 6 month period, even paid apps should be free.


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