Where Have All the Snapdragon S4′s Gone? HTC Releases One S & One X with Last Year’s Snapdragon S3

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3 Jun, 2012 11:46 pm


Where have all the Snapdragon S4′s gone? Manufacturers and producers alike have been wondering. The shortage of this year’s Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor has put manufacturers in a tight spot. Recently HTC announced the launch of two new smartphones, the One S and the One X, with last year’s Snapdragon S3.

The HTC One S, released in Taiwan has a different processor than the international model. Internationally, the One S comes with the Snapdragon S4 which clocks in at 1.5 GHz. In Taiwan the One S will run on an overclocked dual core Snapdragon S3. The supped up S3 processor clocks in at 1.7 GHz and meets a few of the same benchmarks as the international version with the S4 chip. HTC has tactfully refrained from broadcasting the use of last year’s chip in Taiwan’s One S. The processor in this version is described only vaguely as “dual core” not as Snapdragon S3. HTC says that the battery life will not be affected by the overclocked processor.

The same situation is occurring in China with HTC’s launch of the One X. The Chinese version also comes with the Snapdragon S3, which the company has clocked at 1.5 GHz (the same speed as the S4). The company has said that a lack of S4′s isn’t the reason for the use of last year’s processor, but two phones with the same overclocked Snapdragon S3 processor from the same company, most likely isn’t a coincidence.

The good news is, it seems that both of these smartphones from HTC have not suffered too much in terms of performance despite the chip swap.

Sources: GSMArena & IntoMobile

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