Is Chrome OS Breaking Out of its Funk? Chromebox Is #1 on the Amazon Charts

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2 Jun, 2012 1:35 am


We reported that Google and Samsung had launched a Chromebook/Chromebox offensive with a new version of Chrome OS, but we were skeptical about the likelihood of their success. Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are still lacking wide acceptance due to the glaring absence of a cloud based operating system and sufficient hardware to compete with laptops in the same price range. At least in the case of the Chromebox, all thsi could change. In a surprising turn of events, the new Chromebox appeared yesterday at the top of the Amazon charts for best selling desktop computer and it’s still number 1 today.

As you can see, Samsung even pushes the Apple Mac Mini from the top position. Of course, the Chromebox in terms of equipment, is not exactly a heavyweight, but for sure it is a really cheap alternative to the other best sellers from Apple.

Is this the beginning of a Chromebox take over? Only time will tell.

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