Apple Files Patent for iPhone Stylus: The iPen?

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24 May, 2012 11:12 pm


“Who wants a stylus?” Steve Jobs once asked. Well, apparently Apple does. Rumor has it that Apple recently filed a patent application for an “optical stylus”. The “iPen” would theoretically act like an optical computer mouse, “seeing” underneath the surface via an image sensor. A pressure sensor will supposedly gauge how hard the stylus is pressing on the surface of the device. Apple clearly wants a smart stylus.

The Samsung Galaxy Note proved that the stylus was a smartphone’s friend, not some outdated technology from the ’90′s. With Android phones dominating the smartphone market, Apple needs to step up their game. Many patents don’t make their way into Apple’s designs, but who knows? Maybe we’ll be seeing the “iPen” sometime soon.

Sources: PhoneArena CNET Endgadget

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