Raspberry Pi Gets Camera Add On – Check out the Picture Quality

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20 May, 2012 4:24 pm


Everyone has their eye on Raspberry Pi, and not it seems that Raspberry Pi can keep an eye on you with a 14MP camera addition.  The units are barely out the door and already we’re seeing upgrades being issued, a 14MP camera was used in the demo, but they say that lower resolution camera’s are likely to be used to keep costs down.  Possible applications for the tiny cam and computer include robotics and home automation, but until its realised into the wild all we’ve got for you are these photo’s the first is of the camera itself then second is a shot taken with it.  We’re not surprised the quality is so high since it is 14MP, regardless it looks great.

There is no word on how much this is going to add to the $25/35 price point of the tiny PC, but at that price, we’re sure it’s going to be tolerable.

Via Engadget Source Raspberry Pi

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