Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 – 14 min Video

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19 May, 2012 11:18 am

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To upgrade, or not to upgrade. That is the question. Ever since the Samsung Galaxy S3 was announced, we’ve all been wondering if it’s really worth it to replace our faithful S2′s. Sure the S3 has a Exynos quad core and a 4.8 inch display, but is it really so superior to its predecessor?

PhoneArena thought they’d find out. In a detailed four page review, PhoneArena undertakes a feature by feature comparison of the Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy S3. User preferences are subjective but the facts don’t lie. The quad core processor’s impressive speed and strength wins out over the dual core of the S2. As apps and games continue to develop with increasing complexity, a faster processor will most definitely be necessary to ensure a seamless user experience. Nice little aesthetic improvements, like the glossy phone back and the 4.8 inch warm color toned display, also make a difference.

The Galaxy S3 is looking forward to what’s next in the world of smartphones. PhoneArena’s video review contrasts the key features, if after watching it you are sold, consider swinging by “>Amazon to preorder yours for only $799.

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Sources: PhoneArena

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  • Daddf

    the s3 has the same screen as the s2 engadget have it on there site and so does gsmarena i think you need to read up a bit more, the reason samsung when for the same screen was because the super amoled plus screens will last longer and it the sharpness will only start degrading after about 18 months