VIA Amos-3002 Packs More Punch & Aims to Take on Raspberry Pi

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17 May, 2012 11:07 pm


VIA has introduced a new tiny computer that will compete with the wildly popular Raspberry Pi. The AMOS-3002 system is not quite as small as its competitor but it offers a lot more. VIA is powering its tiny computer with an X2 dual-core 1.0GHz VIA EdenTM processor and the VIA system media processor VX900H (MSP) on the VIA EPIA-P900 board.

The system measures 197 mm x 104 mm x 49 mm and could be , for example, used as a computer that appears in cars. Its full HD video output would be a fine addition to any system and its multiple outputs makes it very versatile.  It’s got 6 x USB 2.0, VGA and HDMI outputs. WiFi/3G-Funktionalität are optional.

Price and availability remain unknown, below is the full press release from VIA.

VIA Announces Ultra-Compact, Fanless VIA AMOS-3002 system

Delivers efficient dual-core processing power in a ruggedized chassis system for a diversified range of embedded applications
Taipei, Taiwan, May 17, 2012 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator of power efficient computing platforms, today announced the VIA AMOS-3002, ultra-compact on, fanless system designed around the tiny VIA EPIA-P900 Pico-ITX board. The VIA AMOS-3002 provides embedded customers with a system that delivers all the latest features and digital media standards required for a diversified range of embedded applications including telematics, in-vehicle control, machine to machine controller (M2M), digital signage and kiosks. 

Leveraging the digital prowess of the combined X2 dual-core 1.0GHz VIA EdenTM processor and the VIA system media processor VX900H (MSP) on the VIA EPIA-P900 board, the VIA AMOS-3002 offers a powerful, rugged and HD-ready industrial-class compact PC that combines all the benefits of high performance 64-bit computing in an Ultra system The highly integrated, all-in-one VIA VX900H boasts ruthless hardware acceleration of the most demanding codecs, including MPEG-2, WMV9 and H.264 , in support resolutions up to 1080p display across the latest connectivity standards, including native HDMI, for next generation multimedia-intensive applications.
“The VIA AMOS-3002 advances the ultracompact series AMOS system, delivering advanced computing and fanless dual-core multimedia capabilities,” said Epan Wu, Head of the VIA Embedded Platform Division, VIA Technologies, Inc. “The superior versatility and reliable compact design of the VIA AMOS-3002 makes it ideal for a diversified range of embedded applications. “
The VIA AMOS-3002 is specifically designed to support the VIA EPIA-P900 Pico-ITX board, Which combines a 1.0GHz processor and the VIA EdenTM X2 VX900H MSP, to operate completely within a rugged chassis fanlessly measuring 19.7cm x 10.4cm x 4.9 cm (WxDxH). The VIA AMOS-3002 has a certified operating temperature of -20 to 60 degrees C, vibration tolerance of up to 5Grms and a shock tolerance of up to 50G. The VIA AMOS-3002 is also available with the VIA EPIA P830 featuring a 1.0GHz Nano processor to E-Series, offering operating temperature of -20 to 70 degrees C.
Storage is provided through a slot for a SATA interface CFast flash drive while on optional storage sub-system expansion chassis offers support for a standard 2.5 “SATA drive. Comprehensive I / O functions on front and rear panels include two COM ports, six USB 2.0 ports, including two of Which are lockable for Increased Ruggedization, Line, one DIO port, one VGA and one HDMI port for connectivity and display two GLAN ports for dual gigabit networking. Optional Wi-Fi and 3G networking are available through a MiniPCIe expansion slot.

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