Intel Merrifield 32nm Smartphone Processor Outed, Possible 2013 Release

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14 May, 2012 8:45 pm


At last weeks investor relations meeting Intel announced a few details on their upcoming mobile processors. Merrifield is built using 22 nanometer transistors, will be built using a next generation Atom core and the cellular modem will be 4G LTE enabled. Intel’s roadmap indicates that we will likely see Merrifield pop up in phones in 2013 and 14mn chips will roll out in 2014.

SemiAccurate has a few more extremely technical details on what modems can be found on the upcoming processors but other than that there aren’t many details to be had. We can expect that more information will be released at the Intel Developer Conference that takes place in September.

Currently, Intel has just started shipping chips inside smartphones this year, with the XOLO hitting the street in India. Medfield is built using 32 nanometer transistors using a pair of Atom cores that offers a built in modem with 21 Mbps HSPA+ capabilities.

Via IntoMobile Source SemiAccuarate

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  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Headline correction: 22 nm :-)

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  • CyberGusa

     Also 32nm Medfield is single core and not a “pair”!  It’s mainly Intel’s first SoC…  While all ATOMs will be going SoC/MCM by the time they go 22nm.

    The next one up is Clover Trail, which will be adopting many of the features and designs that Medfield introduced but that’s still a 32nm FAB, but it at least will offer dual core for better performance for Tablets until the 22nm chips can come out next year.