ASUS Transformer Pad 300 TF300T Has Display Issues

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9 May, 2012 9:20 am


Looks like our initial impression of the ASUS Transformer Pad 300 TF300T are not exactly spot on. It was noted that in comparison to the Acer Iconia Tab A510 the Transformer Pad 300 felt cheaper and not quite as high quality. It seems that the issue with the build quality is effecting the tablet in other ways. If you press on the ASUS logo on the back of the tablet you’ll see an impression on the screen, which indicates poor build quality and will be an issue.  One of the reasons many reviewers aren’t mentioning this problem is becuase they’ve been using it almost exclusively in the docking station.  So they haven’t been pressing on the back of the tablet.

Another problem with the screen has been discovering, Denny over a t SmartDroid noticed that his screen suffers from some screen issues, waves and flickering around the edges.  These waves occur when pressing on the back of the unit, however, for this issues it has been determined that the issue, that you can see in the video below, is a software issue and will be fixed in the next update.

YouTube Preview Image

Via Tablet-blog Source SmartDroid

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  • Stepan Trnka

    Asus, Asus. First the issue with Transformer Prime’s GPS and now this…? Come on!

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  • JC

    Why do you assure the problem in the video is a software issue as opposed to a hardware issue?

  • MAB

    I’m also confused as to how the “waves and flickering around the edges” is a software issue when it’s triggered by “pressing on the back of the unit”.  Perhaps the fix can be implemented via software, if that’s what you’re implying.

  • Puzexpress

    There are more screen issues than relayed in the posts so far. My first encounter with a problem occurred after the initial battery charge. Zooming streaks of light suddenly distorted the picture until the tablet was turned off. Nothing I tried helped.
    Now, I don’t get streaking lights, but when the tablet has been on for a period of time (an hour or two), wide “venetian blind” type lines distort the screen. Again, nothing I do seems to eliminate them, except turning the unit off and leaving it off overnight. By the way, I also purchased the key board (neat), so remaining battery time is not the issue, as it’s supposed to be good for many more hours than I’ve used it.

  • Midloman

    Bought my first Asus 300 and in the first day the screen was very erratic, jumping from screen to scrren. After a couple of resets( which did nothing to fix the problem) back it went to Best Buy and I exchanged it for another 300. This one has the problem shown in the video. I also bought an Ipad 3. Both these tablets were for my wife’s mothers day present and I was going to let her decide which one she liked and take the other one back. So far not one problem with the Ipad and it’s already printing to her epson printer wirelessly. I still can’t get the asus 300 to print through google cloud print. I’m not an Apple fan but if it works I think the choice is made. Thanks Asus(an Android) you cost me an extra $120 !

  • Rem

    I am taking it back no wifi connection

  • random

    Get a free dongle by ASUS if u got the prime register on their homepage and they will send one.

  • random

    Mine works fine

  • Margot

    my asus transformer tf300t has also issues with the screen. at one moment the colour white was replaced by light blue and an onther colour was replaced by red. so when i’m on the internet or when i read a book i have a blue background. when i press at some points on the back of the screen the colours get normal again. Hopefully they can fix it!