Samsung Galaxy SIII – Official Press Photos & Comercial

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4 May, 2012 3:49 am


The Samsung Galaxy SIII has been officially announced and the rumors can be put to bed. What we’ve got here is a 4.8-inch Smartphone comes with a Super AMOLED display at 720p resolution, 8-megapixel primary and 1.9-megapixel front-facing cameras with 990ms start-up time, 3.3fps burst mode, and best-shot selection, 16 or 32GB of storage with 64GB on the way, if you can’t wait it also has a with microSD expansion. Connectivity wise we’re seeing Bluetooth 4.0 support, GPS with GLONASS reception, high-throughput 40MHz 802.11n Wi-Fi, NFC, and a relatively large 2,100mAh battery.

YouTube Preview Image

Here are the official press photo’s of the device:

If you want some pictures of the software functionality in action, here you go:

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