AnandTech Reviews Lava’s XOLO X900 Medfield Smartphone

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26 Apr, 2012 8:40 am


We’ve been waiting for Intel Smartphone’s to hit the streets for quite a while now and they have finally delivered on that promise with the Lava XOLO X900 running a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z2460 Medfield processor.

In the spirit of all AnandTech Reviews is thorough and detailed, we’ll let you jump over there to check out all the dirty details.  If you’re just after the impressions, it clear that the phone is a solid competitor in today’s cut throat smartphone ecosystem, but it won’t be the CPU found in a flagship device.

The big question that everyone has been asking is battery life, can Intel deliver on that?  It looks like they can as the X900 as it at least tops the iPhone 4S (5.29) with 5.4 hours of battery life.  It’s not top of the pile but it is there solidly in the mid range.

Performance is also nothing to over look as the X900 scores near the top in most benchmarks so Intel has nothing to be ashamed of there.,  The handset also offers a decent display and the camera quality is not SII but it is respectable.

The over all impression is that though the device is good, very good infact, there is nothing that pulled it ahead of the competition. In his own words, “on the one hand it’s a good thing that you can’t tell an Intel smartphone apart from one running an ARM based SoC, on the other hand it does nothing to actually sell the Intel experience.”

If you want to learn the history of Intel in the Smartphone business and check out the pages of details on the Lava XOLO X900, the first Medfield smatphone, here is the link to the AnandTech Review. 

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  • Alex008

    We’ll have to wait and see what the Lenovo phone brings to the table to have a better idea of what value an “Intel inside” device can add to the table.
    But we now know that the power and battery life are there. 
    I think no one was expecting much from this phone…

    What’s gonna be really interesting (because of the x86 architechture of the Intel chips) will be to have a ‘real’ W8 on Intel powered phones (and tablets).
    I hope the battery life will still be good.

  • Alex008

    Edit: “can add to the MARKET”