Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Photo Leaked with AccuType Keyboard

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20 Apr, 2012 5:30 pm


Ivy Bridge is on the way and we’re starting to get some more leaks about up coming notebooks,  the Lenovo ThinkPad X230 ultraportable has been caught in a a rendered photo.  It looks like the real deal since it is clearly an evolution from the X220, the photo appeared on the Lenovo Community forum. There are a few notable upgrades on the ThinkPad X230 such as a chiclet-style AccuType keyboard which has actually been a big change from Lenovo in the X-series line. The X220 has the classic ThinkPad keyboard as it was released before the chiclet-style AccuType keyboard became all the rage.

It looks great, I actually bought the X220 for my working horse and loved it, the TrackPad sucked but other then that it took my abuse well.  The X230 looks thinner and I hope that the TrackPad tweaks that are visible improve its usability.  We also expect that the 12.5 inch size will be maintained and since there is currently an edition with a touch screen, we expect that this is also the case with the ThinkPad X230t, which should appear in a convertible form factor.

Update: A hands on Video had popped up.

Source: Lenovo forum via Laptoping and Laptoping via Notebook Italia via NetbookNews.de

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  • Maruyama


  • Guest

    I tried the Lenovo chiclet keyboard when I got my ThinkPad Edge, and hated it.  The keys are too small for me.

    I also have the ThinkPad T410 with its revised classic keyboard (non-chiclet, double height ESC and DEL keys), and love that.

    I hope Lenovo retains the classic keyboard for most of its ThinkPad product line.

  • nicole_scooter

    I don’t mind the ThinkPad Edge keyboard, but the build quality on the ThinkPad line up is higher than the Edge line…I think the keyboard will have less flex and probably be a more agreeable. ;)

  • anmar

    It is not about looks. It more about function.  If you lose the PgUp and PgDown, then you lose the ability to jump across multiple tabs on your browser.  The best keyboard design I have ever seen, has to the be the X220.  I have an X201 and I will purchase an X220 but not X230.  Keyboards are like shoes, function trumps form. For the sane people at least.

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  • Ernest

    I just use Ctrl+Shift to circulate through my browser tabs. Alternatively, you can use Ctrl+1 to go to the first tab, Ctrl+2 for the second, etc.